September 9, 2009


Although it was dumped on the market without any PR or marketing, here and there some people have actually found It Takes A Wizard, and didn't quite hate it. And since those folks actually had to fork over money, their opinions should be valued all the more.

It Takes a Wizard: by Thomas R. Hart (art by Sean Lam)

There is actually no author info in this so I’m assuming it’s American manga yet done in the Japanese layout. Don’t let the title put you off (yeah silly riffs of it takes a thief to catch a thief do nothing for me), while it takes a wizard to catch a wizard is the theme, it does it well.

Three years ago Isaac Silverberg, former apprentice to Everett Winterthorn, helped to kill 200,000 people in NYC turning Manhattan into a magical wasteland where trolls, goblins and other horrific things exist and Winterthorn has set himself up as the Midnight King. Isaac is only days away from being put to death for this when they haul the boy out of isolation. He’s given a task, go in and rescue the daughter of an important man who is being held on the island of Manhattan. In return, the man will force the military to release the videotape proving Isaac was a mere dupe in all of this and the real killer is Winterthorn.

Inside the magical bubble, almost no humans are left alive. Even the less dangerous faeries creatures are in danger of being eaten. In this wasteland, Hope lives with her little friendly imp, Lars. Hope has been trained by a Catholic priest after the incident to fight (how he knew, who knows). She would put Buffy to shame. Naturally she and Isaac cross paths and she does manage to keep from killing him. However, he’s about the only one she doesn’t kill and that becomes a sticking point for them. You quickly get the idea that Isaac is a gentle young man with all this amazing power locked up in him.

Without giving anything away, let’s just say this has more layers than an onion and no one is what they really seem. It must be a good 500 pages long (even though there’s a table of contents with page number, none exist in the manga…) My one complaint is that occasionally you feel like a scene or two ended up on the cutting room floor but overall the story is engaging. You don’t get to know Isaac and Hope quite as well as I’d have liked but the art is lovely.
Grade A-
I'm sure if there had been an Isaac Wizard Ring bagged with each book, I would have gotten a straight  A... Incidentally, yes, I own one of those rings, and lots of other rings, which I liked for a long time. I also own many other things that come from the goth culture. What can I say? I'm German. We like to look good while being depressed! The actual review is taken from the 50 Book Challenge Livejournal Community