September 7, 2009


Before R.M. Gera went on to do Scalped for Vertigo (and good for him, he's a brilliant artist and he has a family to feed), I had him for all of fifteen seconds in 2005 for a long project I had in my head, called Red Eyes. It would have been ten issues with 22 pages each. Seven issues I had already written.  None were ever made. Whenever asked about it, I would say that it was Watchmen in reverse. Not that I claim to would have beaten Alan Moore, but structurally, I would have tried to have a mystery that would have taken place on four different time lines, with each of those time lines feeding off each other until it destroyed most of the main characters and pretty much Western civilisation in the process. Spilled milk and all. So, here is a Gera sketch most people will have never seen. I hope he's doing well, that old fart.