September 8, 2009


In the early fall of 1996, I sat in the back of a nice little coffee shop named Osama's, after its proprietor (the poor man, his life would never be the same again after 9/11) at the University of Missouri, Columbia, across the street from the School of Journalism, and desperately tried to procrastinate. The following short story was typed up on a x486 IBM laptop, with the help three iced caramel latt├ęs, two chocolate brownies in less than four hours. It was a long time ago, but I believe I wanted to call it Holmes vs. God back then. This was before I had seen the movie The Prophecy, and these days, well, is there an angel left with clean feathers? I saw the trailer to the movie Legion the other day, and I thought to myself, haven't I seen this before? And then I found this short story back in my virtual trunk. I had completely forgotten about it. Never pitched it to anybody, never have anybody read it. But, to my surprise, it still works.

As I move forward and clean up my stuff, I'll re-format some of those old short stories and put them up here, under the Treasures from the Trunk label. There's no market for short stories anymore, maybe there wasn't even one 13 years ago, and that is why I didn't send it around. This story may quite well be the siamese twin to Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries, because both deal with very similar themes.