October 8, 2009


Or at least the first I found at all, it's very nice and done by Greg Burgas at Comicbook Resources (which is a site that runs the excellent column by Steven Grant, who should do less columns and write more books). The full review can be found at the above link.

Hart writes this with a ton of energy, and he manages to keep things light even as people are trying (and in some cases, succeeding) to kill other people. It's a nice, twisty story full of betrayals obvious and subtle. Hart does some nice things with the narrative to keep things jumping - when Crystal rescues Bernie, for instance, we see them escaping on jet skis, then Hart goes back and forth between their escape and how it led to that moment. He plays with chronology like this often, and although it's a bit disconcerting at first, the giddiness of the way the story is constructed mitigates any momentary confusion we might feel (and, to be fair, it's only a momentary confusion, if you're even confused - I may be a doofus). He also does a nice job with the Bernie, Crystal, and Lily - it's a love triangle waiting to happen. Crystal is spoiled rotten, of course, but she's also upset that she's not treated better by her father, which spurs her rebellion. She and Bernie, of course, don't like each other, but Crystal finds him fascinating, which is why she helped him escape. Bernie and Lily, meanwhile, grew up together, so there's history there, and that's why Bernie wants to find her before the assassins get to her. And it makes Crystal jealous. Even though she doesn't like him. Yeah, sure.

One of the things I tried to do with the book was to give it a distinct French flavour, a bit of the wackiness that I grew up with, reading Franquin, Tillieux and Leloup (which is also the reason why the majority of the book is set in France, and the French President is none other than Louis de Funés, if you don't know him, you're excused, I don't think de Funés is appreciated or even known outside of France and Germany)

But I think what I liked most about the review is this...
As action comics go, this is better than it has any right to be...
Thanks for that, Mr. Burgas, especially since the majority of it was written when I barely had any energy at all.