October 7, 2009


Boys and girls, if you haven't read the news lately (and considering that newspapers aren't selling, magazines are closing, and television "news" is barely skinned rabid retards vomiting up political and/or corporate lies, I am sure most of you haven't), let me just say, journalism is in deep shit around the globe. Deservedly so.

The kind of corporate crap that is crammed down people's throats isn't flying anymore, and as usual, it's blamed by the PR flacks (read my post on PR releases) on the audience itself (evil, evil people, those readers are). But the fact is that the "news" that is produced is simply no longer seen as having any value by those who are interested in the truth, and people have started to vote with their wallets.

All of corporate journalism has been taken over by lies, the jockeying for a better position and a despicable celebrity culture that gives Katie Couric, what? 40 million dollars to act like a corporate spokesperson on your television screen?

But wait! All journalism? No! In the immortal words of Goscinny, there are a few people who refuse to bow to the mighty profit centre! Their names? Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill.  Both of them have the annoying habit of pointing out facts, and especially Greenwald – with his background as a prosecutor – puts the corporate media on the stand and cross examines them as you would a witness, with dismal results for the New York Times, the Washington Post et al. It's called research, people, and Greenwald does his homework, doing what a good journalist must: catch them with their pants down. It's required reading for everybody interested as to why American politics is fucked up beyond belief.

Read his scathing pieces of analysis here. Politicians hate him. Corporate journalists hate him. And with good reason. He makes them look bad. No, wait. They themselves do things that make them look bad, and Greenwald – in the best investigative tradition – turns the rocks and chases the worms out into the sunlight.

And Jeremy Scahill? The guy who uncovered the no-bid contracts of that killing machine that is "Blackwater" (100,000 Iraqis killed, should be their motto, like 100 billion served is for McDonald's)? Not only did he take on one of the sorriest excuses for a journalist, NBC's Chuck Todd, on Bill Maher's Real Time...

... he also has an excellent blog called Rebel Reports that should be required reading for anybody who is even remotely interested in journalism. I'm glad these two guys exists to keep on fighting the good fight.

As for my own dealings with journalism, I have finished the pilot script for a TV show named The Cage, which has started to circulate that deals with a lot of the things that Scahill and Greenwald criticise, but I cannot say much more than that at this point.