October 28, 2009


I am now officially claiming the mantle of "best-selling" author, since – just in time for my real birthday – It Takes A Wizard took the tops spots on not just one, but two Amazon Kindle top-selling lists. Both in the manga and the graphic novel/fantasy lists, to be exact. Obviously, considering how small the e-Book market for graphic novels currently (still) is, this means just about as much as Matt Dillon claiming in Cameron Crowe's Singles that, "dude, we were really big in Belgium", but one should never let mere facts stand in the way of ego, eh?

Still, for one brief glorious moment I outsold a graphic novel "written" by Terry Brooks, and my gosh, if that doesn't do... well, I am not quite sure what it should do, but considering that I grew up reading Terry Brooks' Shannara series (still have them, in fact, one of of my bookshelves, from a long ago), oh, what the hell, I'll take this as one of those little victories I had alluded to when I started this blog.