November 16, 2009


The Black List is one of those things that "collects" the opinions of "important Hollywood players" each year on that year's best unproduced scripts. Only "important" people get to vote. Translation: people with money. Anyhow, this year they are doing one of those competitions, where you can submit a cover design for said list, as long as it provides the name, the year and is "in sync with how important writers are in the process of film-making".

Being a designer myself and having had roughly thirty minutes on Sunday, I thought that such a cover should really reflect in its simplicity how little anybody gives a fuck about writing. A crumpled sheet of paper, the Courier Final Draft font and a post-it stuck to the upper left that delegates the responsibility for such a list (it's the 2009 Draft, y'know?) to the poor fucking bastard that is this year's intern (2009 version).

(no, of course this will not "win" the competition)