November 1, 2009


It's not that that I want Jon Stewart and his writers at The Daily Show to be not successful, but one of the things that pains me every time I watch them taking apart our coprorate media structure is the reminder that journalism is dead. The fact that Stewart points out here, the admission by Fox News themselves that they go, wha? Us? Journalism? Uh, that'd be just a small portion of our NEWS CHANNEL. So, what are Bill O'Reilly? Neil Cavuto? Greta? Glen Beck (just typing that made me vomit in my own mouth)?

Propagandists, that's what. Liars. Crooks that play fast and loose with the truth, bending and twisting them, waterboarding the truth until it screams "Fuck yes, I was a terrorist".

But before anybody on the "left" (what a ridiculous term) starts clapping here, what is on MSNBC is only marginally better. Sure, you like that shit better, because you agree with it. And you know what? Bull. Shit. A journalist has to do one thing, and one thing alone. Piss on the shoes of those in power each and every time they think they can get away with it, because they are "special" (sure, honey, of course you are) and that the rules do not apply to them (why should they, because they are "special")

A journalist shouldn't have "friends" in the inner circle. In fact, every time a proper journalist shows up, those in the inner circle should start to shit their pants, because the journalist doesn't give a fuck about their jobs, their wives, their children. The journalist only cares about one thing: the truth.

And damn the consequences.

And as much as I love Stewart, the fact that he is doing what journalists should be doing... speaks volumes on how broken the corporate system has become.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Jon Stewart... listen, laugh...and do it quick, before that laughter will die in your throat as you realise what this actually means.

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