November 21, 2009


Warning: The Following Post Contains Sarcasm.

Why the is the success of Twilight just awesome? Simple. Finally, women can no longer point at retarded teen boy entertainment and go all "superior" on men. It's perfect in any one of those "discussions" that we all had with those type of women, oh, and you know which ones I mean, yes, that's right, the ones who think that the mere anatomical fact that they own ovaries is a sign that they are more evolved, more civilised, more mature than you. And for those who are below 20, no, that doesn't change later in life, it just gets worse. It comes from the same corner as that other deadbeat argument used by women of all ages in my country when they so desperately try to explain away why they shouldn't be drafted into the military (like every man is, or is at least supposed to be) or at least do a comparable "social year". Want to know what that argument is? But we're getting babies!

Yes, that's right, gentlemen. Let me translate that for you. We got ovaries! Never mind that having a baby in a Western country today is a personal choice, and one that is frequently left behind like a lipstick-stained bottle at the end of a party night, gotta think of myself, got to think about my career, maybe, just maybe there's going to be a baby when I'm in my 40s, whereas the draft, hell, you got a penis, you're in for it, my man. You're either going to defend your country or you're going to help the social system, no way out for you, my man, tough shit, eh?

So why is Twilight's success so great? Because it shows that women are just as retarded as the rest of us. No longer can they claim the emotional high ground in a debate, any debate, and come on, we have all heard that one here, "Wah Wah, you're not mature, all those comic book nerdy things, Wah Wah, and what about the sport shit you watch, women are so much more intelligent and emotionally mature!"

"Really? You really want to go there? Okay... Twilight!" we can now reply.

Boom. Debate over.

One should call it Stephenie's Law.