December 7, 2009


Instead of separate pay walls around individual newspaper Web sites, Mr. Keese wants publishers and Internet companies to work together to create a “one-click marketplace solution” for their online content. In that system, Google or other Internet gateways would display links to newspaper articles, videos and other content from a variety of providers, as search engines do now. But some of the items would include something new: a price tag. What kind of content would come at a cost? Any “noncommodity journalism,” Mr. Keese said, citing pictures of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy cavorting poolside with models at his villa in Sardinia — published this year by the Spanish daily El PaĆ­s — as an example. “How much would people pay for that? Surely €5,” he said.

Let me make this clear. In an interview/article by the New York Times, the head of Axel Springer's think tank on "how to make money off the internet" claims not only that a nekkid 70-something Mafia-trading, corrupt Prime Minister of Italy possibly shtupping 18-year old models is legitimate news, no, he also claims that people would pay 5 Euro (that's roughly 7.50 dollars, for you boys and girls in the United States) to see pictures of that.

And he has the chuzpe to actually use this as an example of, wait for it, "quality journalism". Now, I am not quite sure what exactly he is snorting, but he must be snorting something.

But please. I beg you. Please do it. Please put your entire business model to work on that. Please. Pretty please. Plesae continue to think that people will pay you a lot of money to look at a celebrity or a politician shutpping/fighting/breaking up/getting hit by a 3 iron. I want you to. I want you to, because you are going to go broke much faster than you can wash your hands after touching the pixelated version of Berlusconi's penis.

Think about it. 7.50 dollars! To look at a shrivelled wiener! You know, there were times when that was considered to be fetish porn. Hm. maybe that is the client base they are looking for. In that case, well, even Grandmommy's Tits or Grandpoppy's Balls are "out there" for free.

Keep on snorting whatever it is that you are snorting.