December 12, 2009


... sometime, and I cannot tell you quite when that time will be, but it's still a bit into the future. It's been co-created with Edo Fuijkschot, that one, and will be a horror epic called The Tribe. The reason it's still a bit far off is that Edo is a full-time Dad, and in order to produce work on the quality level we both are shooting for you need a lot of time.

Now before Edo was contracted to do Tokyopop's Agent Boo books, him and me had been working on numerous things and running against closed doors, including The Sky Boys, which is still one of my favourite creations of all times... and The Tribe.

(we also did a Wonder Woman pitch that would have made it less superhero-y and more of a European urban fantasy story, which was the first thing we ever did, when we both believed that if you want something, you need to do it within the confines of established characters)

Earlier this year I updated the Tribe's concept, or rather, I wrote it again from scratch, changing the setting to Hong Kong, where Edo now lives, so that the poor man will have to do my bidding and run around the filthiest back alleys the city has to offer... all for a comic book. It's the only comic book work I am doing right now, and it's only because I wanted to work again with an old friend.

It'll come at ya probably in a year or so, sometime 2010.