December 18, 2009


By stating – as some people, especially the 35 or so percent in America do, who also think that corporations can do no harm, that the rapture is right around the corner, and that it's okay, let me repeat that, it is fucking okay to torture people – that the Cameron's Avatar is "Anti-American" one has to accept that the actions of the corporate raiders in the movie are what constitutes "America".

That obviously would mean that it is "American" to send troops to a foreign place, without any regard to indigenous culture, simply because by some bad luck they are sitting on a resource that will make generate a shitload of profits, and when the natives don't play along, you have the right to kill them all. Hm. That is an interesting way to see the United States, especially by those Americans stating it. Is that the "American exceptionalism" that Mrs. Palin keeps on talking about? Is that really how you would like to see your own country? Might makes right? Have you people thought that one through? I mean, really?

By attacking Cameron for creating what is clearly an archetypical story, and one that has been repeated throughout history: The Egyptian Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Aztecs, the Inka... whenever a "higher" i.e. more technologically advanced human "civilisation" hits up the shores of a civilisation less advanced, greed and the sense of being "exceptional" usually leads to the exploitation of those with, let's call it, the smaller arms budget, especially when by some dumb bad luck they are sitting on something that fuels some kind of addiction in the more "advanced" society.

Interestingly enough, when Frank Miller/Zach Snyder's 300 came out, it was okay to depict the Persian civilisation as grotesque, whorish and monstrous. And I seem to recall, ah yes, quite correctly, that in those parts of the world, people reacted to it in quite a furious manner. But hey, that's okay, because aren't they all furious? Dumb fucking sand niggers! Fucking towelheads (okay, they didn't wear towels on their heads at that time, but come on, people! Facts are not what's important here!) Nevermind that at that time the Persians were quite advanced. But on the other hand, we had Sparta! The beacon of rationality (or was that the bacon of rationality? Seriously, never have there been more naked and well-oiled mal bodies spearing up other male bodies this side of gay porno movies)! The fighting machine for good! Sparta is us! Hooray! Nevermind that in, you know, what we call real history, the Spartans were murderous and enslaving, and...let's just say, not entirely fuelled by rationality.

The British Empire went around the world and enslaved pretty much everbody that had the bad fortune of e.g having certain spices, oh man, pepper and cinnamon and chili, them was good eatin' ... and good profit, too.

The Aztecs went around, happily subjugating folks, until they were hit by the Spanish, and the Spanish, they had guns. The Aztecs had gold. Guns and gold. Bad combo.

The Turks and Arabs ran around for most of the middle ages, apparently thinking for some reason or another that they needed a fucking vacation home in Austria and Germany (some would argue that this hasn't really changed that much). Maybe the South of Europe was too warm for them, who knows? Or maybe they realised that coffee only really tastes good when it's drunken on a cold winter's morning, especially when your own breath is a wisp of steam then swallowed by the black goodness. Or maybe all they really wanted was for us to finally invent the damn croissant (and if you don't know what this references, a) shame on you and b) get a fucking history textbook already, or, you know, use google more often to not find fetish porn)

Napoleon (just before a French person comes in and states, but we ain't never done anything like that) went around Europe, pointing at maps and said, "hey, let's invade that", and his troops were rather infamous for looting and raping and, yes, killing people for being... not quite in line with what the French Empire thought was rational. That means believing in Napoleon, yeah, how exactly did that whole French Revolution thing turn out, then, eh? I mean, took them not very long to go from liberty and brotherhood to we follow you, mein Führer (and yes, you can put Adolf and Napoleon on the same pedestal, they both thought the country neded more space to breathe, hey, Belgium, hey German states, you don't mind me stretching my ellbows just a wee bit, eh?)

The Russians under the Czars, then later under the Soviets... we bring you peace, prosperity, equality... and don't mind if we take your oil or gas on our way out. Workers of the World unite, indeed.  Well, you can do all the uniting you want, really, we unite your resources and your land. Gosh, all over sudden you were no longer Kazachstan, you were a Soviet Repulbic. Estonia? Too fucking bad! Your ass is mine now, motherfucker! Poland? Oh, well, let's do a pact with Hitler that gives us that part of Poland we like, he can have the rest, what do we care?

The Nazis... well, we don't even have to talk about them, right? Das deutsche Volk braucht Lebensraum. And again, for those who don't know what this is, if you can't be bothered to brush up on your history, at least fucking watch Star Trek VI, okay?

And the Chinese today, oh well, why don't we ask the Tibetans, and those poor motherfuckers don't even have anything worth of value, they just happen to live at the wrong spot at the wrong time. But then again, that whole "living peacefully" thing and the whole scrolls rotating and the unity and harmony bullshit, that is so annoying on its own, hell, that alone is a good enough reason to put those folks under the boot. Especially when you consider how they dress. I mean, orange semi-togas? And shaved heads? What the fuck is up with that?

All of those empires, all thought and think they were and are "exceptional", and by that, they thought that being exceptional means that the rules don't apply to them.

And isn't that what Cameron is talking about in his movie? What other storytellers have been talking about? What is the measure of being human? What makes us a human society? A humane society? If you folks stating the movie is "Anti-American" measure it in guns and ammo and the ability to take whatever the fuck we want, then yeah, the hell the movie is "Anti-American", for then you have swallowed your own kool-aid, and believe that the guy with the bigger gun can do whatever he wants.

You are, by all accounts and textbook definitions, a sociopath. What you are not? You're not American anymore, by any means or definition that was laid out in the constitution and the bill of rights. Then you are just another empire. And empires, boys and girls, they never last. Look up the examples I have given. None of those empires lasted. Not the Romans, not the Egyptians, not the French, not the Spanish, not the British, not the Soviets... and don't think that people won't take arms against you, because the other thing that all these empires have in common? Sooner or later they run into somebody who is just a little bit better at killing than they are. Sooner or later their lies, their betrayals and their subjugation catch up with them. Don't believe me? Ask the Romans about the Vandals. Or rather, take a closer look at what the Romans did to the Vandals, and why all over sudden they appeared on the city's doorstep, going, "uh, guys, you know that land that you promised for us and our family's to live on, if we fought your wars for you? Looked to us like you didn't want to keep your promise, fact is, you tried to get us killed, so we thought, let's come around, return the favour, you know, chat a bit, burn your fucking city down while we're at it. Don't mind, do you?"

America used to be, should be, has to be... a set of great ideas and ideals, and if that is no longer the case, then good bye, good luck and good night to you who think this movie is "Anti-American".