December 28, 2009


Sen. Joseph Lieberman, (I-Conn) a renowned hawk and one of the foremost champions of the invasion of Iraq, warned on Sunday that the United States faced "danger" unless it pre-emptively acts to curb the rise of terrorism in Yemen. "Somebody in our government said to me in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, Iraq was yesterday's war. Afghanistan is today's war. If we don't act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow's war," Lieberman said, during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday". "That's the danger we face."

Good Old Sheriff Droopy Dog, the man sucking on the dick (or tit, who knows) of the pharma industry, the insurance industry, oh hell, he'll suck your dick too, if you have money... is calling for war yet again. Why? Because there was one Nigerian (!) – for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of correctly identifying subjects – and a fucking wealthy Nigerian too (he studied in Europe, why do they always come here to study things like engineering? Eh? Is the Nigerian email scam not good enough for you anymore?), coming from a rich family who tried to blow up a plane.

Isn't it funny how these things always happen when there is a much-needed debate about bigger issues? Boom! One guy! Let's attack that! Oh, and what about those Yemen camps for terrorism? Who the hell do they recruit? Retards? I mean, who the hell is your drill instructor? You can't blow up a plastic explosive device? Is this what we are supposed to be afraid of? Is this what we are going to war over?

They had their day. It was 9/11. They changed the rules. Before, you know, when somebody hijacked your plane or threatened anybody, you may have thought darn, do I really want to go to Cuba? (Sun, the best cigars of the world... and beautiful women? Yeah, count me in!)... but not for 9 years. You get on a plane, an Arab-or Black-looking dude makes a funny move, that dude should know he's going to get jumped by more men than the intrepid heroine in the Broadway production of Orgy Cum Shots, Part 19.

And still we are stuck with the typical response. Idiot tries to blow up plane. Another idiot calls to invade yet another country. Gosh, how did that work out so far in Afghansitan and Iraq? Did we get the terrorists? Uh... no. Did we make things safer? But on the other hand, we are dropping rockets already on Yemen, so why not drop some more?

Shut up, Sheriff Droopy Dog. Just... shut up.