December 18, 2009


This morning somebody stole the Arbeit Macht Frei sign from the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

If this was a prank by some teenagers, then their parents should have them sit down, spank the shit out of them and then force them to watch Schindler's List ad nauseum, or even better, the actual footage of what did happen at that camp and many others. And I mean, ad nauseum.

If this wasn't a prank, and if the sign has been taken by some Neo Nazi retards, I hope they find them fast and, well, let's just say that there should be much more than a mere spanking involved then.

That sign is perhaps one of the most powerful symbols of what Nazism stood for, and it stands for a lesson that has been – if not forgotten – then certainly wrongly applied by a lot of governments (even democratic ones, people tend to forget that the F├╝hrer had been democratically elected, too, well, Germans tend to forget that a lot, it's a way of saying, wha? Us? Why? Never!). It shows how little people, their hearts and their souls, yes, their very lives were valued, and the mockery of these hearts, souls and lives is what should compel us, all of us, every day to look at who we consider to be our enemies (and yes, this includes Israel and the Arabs these days, look at each other, will you?) and see where these things invariably lead to.

Nazism has always been the logical endpoint of the imperial thought processes displayed by every Western (and every Eastern) nation during the ages, with the illusion of the "good" people of America, Britain, Russia, Japan, China ... the list goes on... thinking, eh, we are better than they are. They being the Untermenschen of Africa, the Untermenschen of the Middle East, the Untermenschen of South America... didn't we bring them God? Didn't we bring them, ah yes, civilisation? The Nazis went and took this thought to its logical endpoint, yes, the final solution.

Why not do the same thing to people who are also white?

Ah, yes, there's the rub, boys and girls. Can't do it to white people. It makes you evil, you know. Can enslave black and yellow, yeah, can work those to death, too, eh? But not white people. What I always wondered about Nazi Germany was, how low of a human being do you have to be to look at your fellow man and... in a very capitalist, Ayn Randian way...

(and make no mistake, Ayn Rand is a fascist, and her world views are that of a fascist, and before somebody pipes up and calls me a socialist or a communist, socialism has traditionally never been more than fascism coloured in red, and communism is a delightful utopia, and if you don't believe it, look at Star Trek, because that TV show, especially in its later incarnation, The Next Generation, is exactly what Marx described. The freedom from money, and the ability to explore. Oooops. Did I ruin it for you? Well, maybe you should have read Marx, eh?)

...not only abuse them and kill them, no, what the Nazis did was to abuse them and kill them in the most cost-efficient manner! Shoot the gays, the socialists, the democrats, the gypsies, the Jewish? No! We shall work them to death! That way we can actually benefit from their death! 

That is what this sign reminds us of, what should be etched in the mind of every human being everywhere. Arbeit Macht Frei. Work Will Liberate You. What could be more sinister? What could be more cynical? What could be more of a symbol of everything that has gone wrong in the 20th century?

To steal that symbol is to dishonour those who suffered and who died. To take that away is to dishonour those who fought and bled to stop it. I have never been much of a man who gives a damn about political symbols. I care for no flag, for no hymn, for no Sunday speech that tells us all we are a big happy family. Nor do I care for artifical symbols, statues of great men or women.

I care about this.

And so should you.