January 20, 2010


I just stood in Jack's office and said 'screw friendship, screw honor, screw patriotism'. That's how I talked about myself. And then I added 'we just lost the franchise'. That's how I talked about Matt, who would stand in front of a train for any one of us, including you while you're screwing Luke. He's been threatened by the network, compromised by me, browbeaten by you, gotten his heart broken by Wes, and he's still standing up. Why am I quitting? Cause they're gonna start shooting at him, and I'm gonna be standing next to him when they do.
This little monologue, delivered by Bradley Whitford as only Whitford can, is from series finale of Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, entitled What Kind Of A Day Has It Been. It is one of my favourite quotes written by Aaron Sorkin, together with the line "Oh... this is bad on so many levels", delivered by Rob Lowe in the pilot of The West Wing.

If you are a writer yourself, watch that show. If you like good performances. Watch that show. If you think writing and creating things happen by a stroke of genius while you are sitting near the pool, hang out with your buddies and fuck gorgeous starlets, watch Entourage.