January 5, 2010


A furious (Irish) Government demanded tonight that Slovakia explain itself after an unsuspecting electrician was allowed to carry explosives on a flight to Dublin in a botched security exercise. The diplomatic row erupted after Slovak airport police randomly planted powerful RDX in the 49-year-old’s bag but took three days to warn authorities he had unwittingly evaded scanning machines.
As reported here and pretty much all over the web, this is one of those stories for which I believe everybody involved in the Slovak police should not just be fired (which they won't), but put in jail for at least three to five years (which they won't).

As the CIA is too stupid to even piece things together that are perfectly laid out in front of them.... yes, that's right, while everybody is peeing their pants, the Slovaks thought it was a good idea to put actual explosives into the luggage of eight unsuspecting passengers just to test their own security. And not only that, they forgot to, uh, tell the other authorities, like they one in Ireland. Ah, yes. Stupidity comes dressed in a uniform. But it's not just stupidity. It's the reckless games that people who should protect us are playing. With us! That guy could have been shot. Shitty things could have happened, all the while some cowardly assholic Slovak cop was sitting in his office and drinking vodka or whatever the fuck they are drinking that kills more than 10,000 brain cells per sip.

Who to watch out for? Terrorists? Yeah, but as I said before, they have to deal with alert passengers. But to have to watch out for our own police forces? Because they think they can play God with us? Dear God...