February 25, 2010


I have been carefully monitoring the German "newspaper" DIE WELT for the past year or so. It is one of those things that is still left from my old journalism and media analyst days, left from those days when I did studies on TV news and on the implementation of propaganda techniques on what we still call "the old media".

And while I have not the time nor the desire to do a fully fledged content analysis, it has become clearer and clearer – especially since the win of the so-called Liberals (which are revealing themselves  quickly to be Germany's answer to the Tea-Party-Retard-Republicans) with the Christian Democrats – that Axel Springer has taken note (finally? Well, considering Springer's journalistic history in Germany, not so much) of what can only be called the "Murdochisation" of Germany's media, with DIE WELT leading the way into a new dark age of stupidity and hatred, both social and racial.

DIE WELT doesn't like journalism. DIE WELT likes propaganda. Each of their headlines are a perfectly designed example on how to not do headlines, especially the ones not just defending "lecturer to the banks" Guido Westerwelle, but openly endorsing him and his bigotted worldviews. But also coming down hard on one of the very few good journalists that German State TV has had in the past decade, Klaus Brender.

Brender, for those who aren't in Germany (and if they are not, this post will make no sense to them anyway) was until recently the Editor-in-Chief of the ZDF, the second state-run channel. He had a tendency to call out people. To expose them. And do it in a don't-bullshit-me manner. Brender was ousted for purely political reasons by extreme right-wing Governor of Hessen, Roland Koch (don't worry, like I said two posts ago, if you can make the laws, nothing you do is really illegal, and such was the case here as well)

In a recent SPIEGEL interview, Brender likened the workplace in the ZDF newsroom to be one that had informants to all political parties (please note that. It's very important. He didn't claim that they were only right-wing informants or left-wing informants... he claimed that they were informants that reported to the higher-ups in order to curry favours with those who had the power of giving them positions and power).

His claim was backed up by former WDR Indendant Fritz Pleitgen, himself an accomplished journalist. Both are "older statesmen" who have nothing left to lose. It is often those who finally reclaim the truth, and while that in itself is laudable, one must always ask why they didn't open their mouths while they were still inside the system.

Oh, wait. Then they would have had something to lose. Like their jobs. Or their reputation (and I know this well from personal experience. The system, any system doesn't like the truth, and before you can say What the hell just happened, you'll have your first letter of reprimandation. I still have my first. I'm very proud of it, since it blasted me for pointing out the exact things to management that would prove to be the company's downfall one year later, and if you are wondering, I stood in front of their offices when they finally had to shut and laughed, should have been listening to me, eh?)

Anyway, DIE WELT takes offense at the truth, as today's report (well, it isn't as much as report as a vile commentary by the Mistress of Hatred herself, Bettina Röhl, hey, when was the last time you sucked Ann Coulter's cock?) and blasts Brender for doing his job. Yes, he said that he tried to control those informants and not let them get to a position where their party affiliation would harm the journalistic mission of the news department.

Guess what, Miss Röhl?

That was his fucking job!

And he didn't merely blast the right-wing influence, he blasted all the influence. But no, Brender must have been a leftie communist liberal for stating the obvious, that there are elements in both German state-owned TV channels who would like nothing more than having their own fucking Fox News Channel, spitting and spouting their party line.

Gues what, Miss Röhl?

We don't need that bullshit. We already have DIE WELT to provide right-wing propaganda, and it's one of those "newspapers" that has completely forgotten what journalism should do, and that is to expose the truth, regardless of who in power might look bad.

The truth.

And it was Klaus Brender who tackled, famously, then Democratic Socialist Chancellor Gerd Schröder (also known as Gas-Gerd and in bed with Putin's Russia, hey, how is that money coming, Gerd? Was it worth selling your country out? I hope so. And I hope you sleep well in your home... in SWITZERLAND!) after the election of 2005, when Gas-Gerd had apparently had one too many lines of cocaine before coming on the Brender-led post-election round of politicians. Remember that, Miss Rhöl? Of course not, you have the attention span of a cockroach.

Brender was instrumental in unleashing the journalistic forces of shows like Frontal 21, which put the finger on everything that hurts those in power, be they Social Democrats or Christian Democrats. He let them off the leash and gave them the resources and the department to do proper investigative reporting, but it's not like you would know anything about that. Because you have the attention span of a cockroach.

He stood up to those in power, and he paid dearly for that in what was clearly a political power grab to install somebody who is, let's say, more... friendly to your causes.

But of course you wouldn't know that, because all you can talk about is how THE LEFTIES DID IT TOO, WAAH WAAH!

Das feiste und oft hämische Spiel einzelner Stimmen, besonders von den Grünen, dass vor allem die von Brender jetzt angeschwärzte Union (Zitat Brenders aus dem Spiegel: „ Aber es gibt in der Union ein dunkles Schattenreich, das sich im Verwaltungsrat eingenistet hat..“) vom Bundesverfassungsgericht wegen ihres Verhaltens im Fall Brender und überhaupt eins auf die Nuss kriegen werde, ist primitiv und zwar außerordentlich primitiv.

Die öffentlich-rechtlichen Medien sind per Saldo seit Bestehen der Bundesrepublik rotlastig. An den Medienfilzer Johannes Rau, der dem WDR über Jahrzehnte dominierte, sei hier nur kurz erinnert. Und auch der NDR, hatte latent stets einen roten Filz, und Radio Bremen und wurde lange Zeit im Volksmund als „Radio Hanoi“ beschimpft, also als Sender quasi im Geiste Ho Tschi Minhs ( Vietnam), einem als solchen verkannten stalinistischen Massen-und Völkermörder.
Hey, retarded lady! Yes, you... with that Sarah Palin-sized brain! You are missing the point! And the point is not that it's okay that now the right-wingers have just done what the lefties did, waah waah, in those other instances. Hello? Are you that stupid? Or are you that party-blind? The point is that these types of influences are borderline illegal and endanger the democratic system, regardless of from where the influence is coming from! But like your intellectual brothers and sisters (as far as the term intellectual can fit, and boy, is that a loose fit!)...

... it is always bad when the lefties are doing it, those scum liberal communists, but it's always good when the right-wingers do it, because, oh, despite the right-wingers owning most of the corporate media, despite your own "newspaper" DIE WELT dealing in hateful propaganda, you are under siege, you poor people, you are constantly under siege, when will it end, oh dear, when will the pain stop?

Hey, retarded lady! You are not a journalist, you are a hate-monger with clear propagandist affiliations. You are also a hypocrite.
Wenn Brender behauptet, er habe einst als Mitglied der Jungen Union die üblen Machenschaften der Politik, vor allem der CDU, kennengelernt, dann darf man an seinem Realitätssinn zweifeln. Seine Behauptung, er führe gar nicht auf dem roten Ticket empfand er offenbar als notwendig. Brender fährt ja wohl auch eher auf dem grünen bzw. dem rot-grünen Ticket.
Hey retarded lady! If Brender saw for the first time the manipulation and the corruption in the Christian Democrats, it was because he was a member! What? Was he supposed to have seen it in the Social Democrats? Or the Green Party? How? He was not a member of those parties, he was a member of the Christian Democrats.

It's called personal experience, you retard!

I spent my formative years as a journalist in Bonn in the 1990s, leading up to the German general election of 1994, and I was there to see the squids that run the backrooms, that seduce and cajole and corrupt the reporters and editors in exchange for access, please give me access, I will only write what you want me to write, please, you can have a final say about the interviews, I'll give your publicists the version to look over, and if there's something you said you don't want people to hear, we'll strike it, no problem, just give us access to the bars and the backrooms and the off-the-record talks, please, pretty please, we'll suck your cock, too. I've been there when management forbade the newsroom to talk about certain things, because there was a phone call, and entire stories just vanished, never to be seen again, never to be talked again.

But want to know what my favourite passage in your shit piece is?

Hanfeld  [...] verkennt, dass die Medien deutlich mehr Informanten in den politischen Parteien haben, als die Parteien Informanten in den Medien.

Really? I mean, really really? Are you shitting me? The media doesn't have informants in political parties, the media has people who sit down for off-the-record talks in order to manipulate things for their own benefit, or the benefit of their masters. They leak things that are for their own benefit and/or in order to destroy their political adversaries, and the first question a real journalist should ask himself when called by one of those squids is what the fuck is your angle? Why are you talking to me? Cui Bono, you retard! That's what the first question of every journalist has to be when dealing with corporate and/or political operatives. And since you probably don't know Latin, let me the fuck translate it for you.

Who benefits? 

You better learn something from how prosecutors work! You better learn something from people like Glen Greenwald, who doesn't give a damn who's doing wrong, he just cares about that somebody does, and that somebody has to expose them!

That is what journalism does.

It exposes the truth.

And the truth doesn't come in colours that you like, it's grainy and murky and comes with the colour-palette of a film noir, where you know, or at least should know that everybody inside the systems you are covering has an agenda, and like Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep, you should know that it's difficult to stay sane, to stay above it all, to follow your principles, to do good, to do right, regardless of who you are going to hurt, regardless of who you have to take down or in how much trouble it lands you.

And if you go down, at least have the balls to go down fighting!

But then, of course, you are not a journalist.

You're just a retard who will spit venom at the behest of your corporate masters.