February 10, 2010



Thank you for your response.

However no one ever said you weren't going to get paid, for the work you did.

At the time you were hired to do it, there was money in the project and it fell through; which is common in the independent film world.

I am working at resolving the financial structure of the picture and told you in my last email that you would be paid and I'm saying it again, Mr. Krae fully intends on paying you what was agreed upon, when the financing for the picture gets resolved, and of course nothing of the story notes and the work you did will be used; because there is no picture till the money falls into place.

As far as being professional, I don't appreciate you insinuating that I'm not and do not need a lesson from you, on how to behave in the right manner with people.

If I was to not be professional I wouldn't return your emails and continue discussions with you regarding payment.

Best regards,


Now, will you look at that? Welcome to the independent movie world? Really? Gosh, I should be blushing now. Should be ashamed, really. How dare I? How the fuck dare I? Let me translate the most important paragraph here for you.

Be fucking grateful, boy, that I every now and then even reply.

Yes , this is what thse types of people actually delude themselves to think to be professional behaviour!  And you better be grateful for that, boy, because you could just not get any reply at all!  Now, I have seen this type of behaviour elsewhere, and it usually ends in an ass kicking, at least where I come from.

And isn't this, like, the best way to conduct your business, ever? You know, we should implement this everywhere!

When you build a house, class, you've done this all wrong so far. You don't need to pay those contractors! You tell them that you'll pay them someday, somewhere... over the rainbow, preferably.  You don't need to pay for cement! Or for the wiring...

Oh, wait... that does happen a lot these days, even when the contracting folks are from the government, well, actually especially when they are from the government. In my country, the German Train Service pretty much bankrupted a contractor, because they had the stuff built and then, uh, forgot to pay. Isn't it fun to see those who advocate capitalism, rah rah rah, chant it with me, class, capitalism... always only think about themselves when they advocate it, and conveniently forget that it should apply to everybody else, too?

"There were always masters and slaves," somebody once told me. "Then we gave the slaves wages, and then we gave them even vacations. But that should never make them think that the underlying truth has changed. We are still their masters."

Let me repeat something I said earlier on. If you know this going in, if it is your your thing, if you struggle to get something launched... that is, well, I wouldn't say all right, but it is to be expected.  You get something in return. It's your baby. And we all know how much we love to suffer for our children, be they real or be they born in our minds.

If you hire somebody from the outside, then you better have the money to pay.

Anything else is unprofessional in the real world.

Say, how would you like your hair stylist to work for free, and say, you know, I thought I had the money, but now I don't, ooops, sorry...

And just because folks in LA think differently doesn't make it so.

And I'll say it out loud and not just insinuate: such a behaviour is unprofessional, even as the whore inside the back of my head is kicking and scream that you should just shut up, there may be the Mac, please, I will do anything for it, for that payment, somewhere, someday, please let me spread my legs one more time...

... and while I am strangling her, I'll say it again.

It's unprofessional behaviour.

And that is something, oh, here comes the kicker, that I really, really no longer appreciate... boy