February 10, 2010


Just to those out there who think I'm not writing anything... real, and spend most of my time doing a name & shame, you would be mistaken.

I have finished the pilot episode (and am halfway through episode 2, always plan ahead a little) of a TV show pitch called THE CAGE. For those who are unfamiliar with the journalism slang, it is what journos call the city desk. The pitch uses my dream cast, obviously, and there is nobody better suited to play the investigative local reporter about to be burned by both the Washington beltway insiders and his own paper for not playing by the rules than Matthew Perry. Yes, Chandler. You have a problem with that?

Perry is one of the most underrated dramatic actors of our time. He always has been, and why? Because he is so funny! And when you are funny, then you automatically never get any roles that are dramatic, with the exception of STUDIO 60, where Perry and Whitford outshone an unfortunately way too masturbatory concept (I mean, really? A drama that uses the wrong formatting of Final Draft as a plot point? Sorkin, my man, I love you, but really?)

The show combines aspects of THE WEST WING and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, and it updates them for a time when journalists and politicians are rightfully no longer trusted, where business decisions and ego has pushed real journalism against the wall. It will tackle, like DAMAGES, a longer storyline per season, I am planning it on a 13-episode season structure, and it will be fast and dirty and filled with a lot of snappy dialogue.

Will you ever see it on a TV near you?

Not a chance.

Unless Matthew Perry sees this post.

And after that, I would like to have Bradley Whitford see this post, then have Sophia Myles to see this post, then Dustin Hoffman, and then Jamie Lee Curtis, and then... 

What do you mean, they all have something better to do?

But it's the most fun I ever had writing.

And maybe I'll put up the pilot at one point for those who would like to read it (it's copyrighted anyway). I'm also halfway through the revisions of a my thriller novel LIVE, and while those of you who cannot speak German are going to be left out, I hope to be through the revisions in a month or so.