March 15, 2010


Exportschlager Leopard II – dieser deutsche Panzer ist so gut, dass ihn die Armeen der ganzen Welt haben wollen.

Der Leopard II wurde Ende der 70er-Jahre zur Bekämpfung gegnerischer Panzerverbände in der Bundeswehr eingeführt. Er wurde für die Entwicklungsfirma Krauss-Maffei zum Verkaufshit. Dutzende Länder wie Chile, Kanada, Saudi-Arabien und sogar Singapur rissen sich um den „Leo Zwo“ und seinen Vorgänger Leopard I.
 BILD authors Fritz Esser and Franz Solms-Laubach continue their mastubatory article on the awesomeness of the German tank Leopard II for quite a while, and with the disgustingly detailed technical specs that made this particular tank such an export hit, and I love the fact that they list exactly (with one exception, Canada) not a single fucking NATO country.

Why is this important?

Because in the past five years (under a Social Democratic and Christian Democratic "grand coalition), Germany has doubled its weapons export around the world, leaving only the Grand Poobah, the United States, and Russia on top of us. The usual suspects will completely and utterly defend these sales as a "jobs creation" tool.

More importantly, though, in the words of those responsible for selling those things in the first place, "those weapons were mostly sold to NATO allies". So where is the harm in that, eh? Look at that list these two "authors" give you here.

Chile. Singapore. Saudi-Arabia.

Saudi Arabia?

Well, the Leopard II is a tank that actually manages to not screw up in the desert (unlike the US and British tanks that we so delightfully remember from operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom), so from a purely technological point of view, yeah, of course the Saudis will want those tanks. Whoopeee!

And besides, don't we know since the days of Rommel that German machinery works extremely well in the heat?

Saudi Arabia?

I wasn't aware that Saudi Arabia is actually our ally. A country that shits on human rights. A country from which 15 of the 19 people from 9/11 came from. A country that has proven terrorist ties. A country that finances terrorists. A society that has millions of poor as the rather large Royal family is pissing away the riches of their country in Switzerland, in the UK and...

... oh wait, now I understand.

They're not our allies, they are the allies of those who can make a quick buck. And I guess that makes it okay. Certainly, our two BILD "authors" seem to think so as they write about all those wonderful features of what only has one purpose: killing people as efficiently as possible. Thus is the nature of weaponry. It is built to kill, and the Leopard II is no different.

It is not a Ferrari. It is not a Mercedes sports sedan.

It's a tank.

And it shouldn't be in the hands of dicators.

Regardless of how much we love their oil. Remember class, we sold a shitload of stuff to that other country once, when we still like that particular dictator. Now, what was the name of that guy again?

Donald Rumsfeld, help me out here.

Ah, yes.

Saddam Hussein.

How did that one work out, eh?

But then again, this article wasn't written to actually deal with the realities of weaponry sales. It is merely there to give readers a sense of "we are somebody".

Hey, people need something to be proud of, even if it's the fact that some of the deadliest weapons are "made in Germany".