March 22, 2010


And the Racist Motherfucker Of The Day Award goes to none other than fat, white and old Newt Gingrich! For this quote after that bad "health care reform" thing was passed in Congress last night.
Former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich said Obama and the Democrats will regret their decision to push for comprehensive reform. Calling the bill "the most radical social experiment . . . in modern times," Gingrich said: "They will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years" with the enactment of civil rights legislation in the 1960s."
Thank you, Mr. Gingrich, for telling us how you really feel. How the support of the racist motherfuckers of your party is more valuable to you than doing the right thing. Thank you for showing your true colour. And that colour is the one of white supremacy. How have the niggers been treating you lately, hm? What, they no longer bow their heads down and say, "massa" to you? Man, that must be really irksome.

40 years of dealing with the niggers thinking they are on the same level as you. That they have the same rights as human beings as you. And by Thor's Hammer and Odin's Beard, one of them niggers got all the way into the Oval Office, and through the front door, no less! Don't they know their place? Don't they know they're supposed to do like good niggers do, and use the servant's entrance?

Newt, do you want me to give you a piece of chalk and Glen Beck's board? Would you like to draw ovals to the inevitable endpoint of history? The Nigger Communist States of America? Come on. I know you want to. Say it. Say it loud and clear.

Say the word that is in the back of that vacuum you call your head.

Say the word, Newt!

Say it. It's not that difficult.

Say it.


Say it! You'll be surprised how good it will feel, no longer having it burn in the back of your throat, where it has been for the past 40 years, god, you cannot swallow it down, you cannot say it, but you so desperately want to.


It'll be the 1950s all over again, and you white folks can wear your grey flannel suits once more and play Mad Men, and you know you want to, you want to be back where all of them knew their place, when niggers were there to clean up your shit, when women were there for you to fuck, when faggots were back in the closet, and if they were not there, you could beat the snot out of them all, the women, the faggots, the niggers... and get away with it. To the fucking (honey)moon(ers), Alice! To the fucking moon!

Say it.


Take it back. Embrace it fully. Say it.

Don't let me and others do the work for you.