March 23, 2010


Do I have to say anything about this clip? Look at how these people (I refuse to call them human beings anymore, they are not, they may have the shape of human beings, but they have no longer a human soul, if they ever had one in the first place) treat a man with Parkinson's.

Would they have treated Michael J. Fox with the same contempt, with the same visceral hatred? No. Because Fox has money. And without blaming Michael J. Fox for having money, after all, he has worked hard for it before Parkinson's struck him down and robbing him of a good life and robbing all of us who love entertainment of what could have been another ten years of great performances and laughter... just imagine how it must feel to not be able to work properly due to an as of yet incurable disease...

(partially because President Skippy McDumbass banned fetal stem cell research for eight years, eight lost years that could have helped find something, anything to help these people)

...that can only be managed, not stopped, by drug and surgical treatments that will bankrupt you.

And now imagine having pennies and dollar bills thrown at you by people who hate you for even existing in the first place. For "taking away" their money (through taxes, maybe, or through that horrible Nigger Socialist healthcare bill, oh, wait, it is neither a nigger bill nor is it in any way socialist. It is in fact a big gift to the already existing system by forcing 32 million people to join up with, what? What? Bueller? Yes, that is right. The private insurance companies. More money for them, ka-ching!).

There is no free ride, they shout at this man, but what they really say is, why don't you fucking die already, you worthless piece of shit. You have no value to us.

And again, did you look at who those people were? Yes, class, that's right. White people. Now, the Chocolate Messiah can't say this, because he is... well, he is chocolate.

But I can. I'm white. I'm male. And I'm from a country where these scenes look all too familiar, where we have seen this attitude, this hatred, this bigottry all before, in grainy black and white, with thunderous shouts of propagandist voices.

You people are disgusting. You people have no sliver of dignity inside you. You people have no humanity inside you, and you dare to evoke Jesus Christ as the leader of your movement. Jesus, who healed the sick. Jesus, who cared for the poor. Jesus, who told people that whatever they do to the weakest, most vulnerable of man... they are doing to him, the son of God.

You have no right to call yourself Christians, for you have forgotten what Jesus did, what he stood for, what he still stands for. Kindness and humanity. You have no right to put him on your banners of hatred and loathing and selfishness.

Put Ayn Rand on them. Or put the swastika on them, because these are the things you truly believe in.

And to those 25 percent of Americans who believe that judgement day will arrive during their lifetime... you shouldn't be in such a hurry, because you tend to forget that it's called judgement day for a reason, there will be judgement then. And if you had read the gospels properly, you shouldn't believe that you will be welcome up there with open arms.

Remember, what you did to the weakest, most vulnerable of man... you did to the guy who will sit in judgement of you. And he will then look at you, in all of your hateful selfrighteousness, and ask you this, "Do you remember the time when you threw money at me, telling me there is no free ride, that there are no hand-outs? Do you remember when you shouted at me for being ill, when you mocked me? Do you remember that?"

He will ask you that in a very soft voice, I imagine.

Before he puts you away to burn.