March 21, 2010


On May 18, 2001, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger wrote a letter. That letter was the letter of the law. That letter was called  the Epistula de delictis gravioribus, and it was circulated around all of the Roman Catholic Church. That letter could be translated as The Letter of What To Do When The Shit Hits The Fan.

Well, the shit just hit the fan.

For in this letter, Ratzinger ordered all Roman Catholic bishops to not drag pedophilia within the church into the public eye. Let me repeat that. It bears repeating. Under a papal decree of secrecy, called Secretum Pontificum, the bishops were explicitly forbidden to bring potential pedophilia cases into the harsh light of the public.

If they were to do so, they would have to be punished by Church Law.

Because, and again, let me make this perfectly clear... Ratzinger and the Roman Catholic Church, just like the Taliban, just like the Islamists, just like any cult leader...

... think that by the virtue of God, they are above human law.

When and where the hell does the Roman Catholic Church think they exist? In the middle ages? Do they think that they cannot, should not, must not be held responsible by us mere mortals, for they have a direct line to God?

So tell me, class... what exactly is the confessional punishment for fucking little boys these days?

Do three Hail Marys suffice?

In It Takes A Wizard, I created – specifically, like I said earlier – a character who is faithful, who is strong and finds compassion at the end. And I said earlier that while I myself am an atheist, I don't make judgements, Bill Maher-style on the notion of faith alone.

And if I ever doubted you, my lord.
In the times your servant was weak.
In that hour of my need. 
Forgive me that I couldn't see the light.
For you believed in me.

Believed with all your might.
And for all the souls who are not here
I pray.
Pray that you were gentle.

And never left their side.
                         – Hope, It Takes A Wizard
I judge people by their actions, not by their beliefs. If your belief makes you a better person, a more compassionate person, someone who is kind to the weak, someone who is protective of those who have nobody to shield them, then I don't care if you believe in Yahwe, God, Allah (pretty much the same thing, really) Xenu or the Flying Spaghetti Monster (I personally like that belief. A god you can eat? How awesome is that?).

If you use your belief to harbour monsters...

.. and make no mistake, child abusers, boy fuckers, "honour murderers" (what, my Muslim friends? Did you think I'd forget about that? That I'd let you slip and slide away from this list? If you think you have the right to kill your daughter or sister for dating the "wrong man" with the "wrong belief" and then hide behind your "culture" and think I won't come after you, you are no better than the ones I put on the bench here) and rapists are nothing less than monsters...

.. then I'm going to fight you. With everything I have in my arsenal. With everything.. until my last breath. I'm going to fight you, and I'm going to speak out against you, and I'm going to be there when the law puts you in chains for what you have done. You no longer have the right to speak out on anything anymore. You are morally bankrupt.

And I now repeat my demand. For all of this, I want Josef Ratzinger, with his known alias to be Pope Benedict XVI, to be on an international warrant for obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting of pedophiles in more than one country.

He's a vile excuse of a human being.