March 31, 2010


The Associated Press just reported on the Vatican's legal strategy that is supposed to shield the pope from all of that horrible hullubullo that usually comes when a criminal organisation decides to cover up a crime, with the help and the full support of the one in charge.
The Vatican is launching a legal defense that the church hopes will shield the pope from a lawsuit in Kentucky seeking to have him deposed over claims that the Holy See was negligent in failing to report abuse claims.

In court documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, Vatican lawyers map out their strategy to try to dismiss the lawsuit before Benedict XVI can be questioned or secret documents subpoenaed.

The Vatican lawyers plan to argue the pope has immunity as head of state. They also say that a 1962 document is not a "smoking gun" proving a Vatican coverup. And the documents contend that American bishops who oversaw abusive priests were not employed by the Holy See. 
Let us review that.

(1) You cannot touch us. We have immunity as the pope is the head of a state (that – as we know – is something the Vatican obtained from the great humanitarian Mussolini in exchange for supporting facism). Awesome how facism still has its tentacles around our collective throats, isn't it?

But hey, it's the same defense that has been employed by every war criminal, every rapist, every serial killer who has ever been a head of state anywhere. From George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, to Saddam Hussein, to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia... all the way back to the Nazi defendants of the Nuremberg trials, to name just a few instances of the past half century. The argument goes thusly, we have our own state, and you know something, motherfuckers? With that state, we have the right to enforce only our rules, even though the crimes were committed in other states, so fuck the hell off!

(2) What? What are you talking about? Documents? Are they in Latin? Do they say something? We don't know of any documents. And if there is something in those documents, nobody sure as hell told us anything about it, so fuck the hell off.

(3) American bishops are no longer part of the Roman Catholic Church. Did those bishops know that? If they weren't employed by the Roman Catholic Church, who the hell signed their pay checks? Wha? Is the US Catholic Church no longer allowed with its Cardinals to vote for the next pope? Since they are apparently then also not part of the Holy See?

You notice the thing that is missing from this legal strategy?

The not guilty plea.

That's right. They are not stating they are innocent! That's how strong the evidence is, not only in the US cases, but also in the cases around the world. They are not stating they are innocent, not that the pope is innocent in the cover-up, no, they are basing their entire legal strategy on "you cannot touch us, motherfuckers."

It is time to treat the Roman Catholic Church like that other organisation from that country that is operating globally. Yes, that is right. It is time to evoke the RICO laws in the United States on the Roman Catholic Church, just as they were evoked to bring down the mafia.

It is clear that the Catholic Church is neither capable nor willing to stand up and not only face the criminal activities of its organisation, but also to hand over the culprits to the relevant authorities.

The Vatican has become – in the words so often used and abused by politicians – a rogue state. It has to be treated as such. Its accounts have to be frozen world-wide until the Vatican is handing over every child rapist, every criminal, every person involved in the cover-up of what can only be considered one of the most vile and longest-running, institutionalised serial rape of those who were handed over into their care.

Freeze the Vatican's assets.

Put out international warrants.

Get the bastards who only protect themselves, not the faith they are supposedly standing for.