March 13, 2010


Ich komm jetzt langsam auch ins Alter, wo man beginnt dran zu denken, wie schön's währ sein Reich zu teilen und seinen Kindern Leben zu schenken.

Doch jeder Tag gibt mir neu zu denken.

Könnt nicht mit ansehen, wie ihr dann meinem Fleisch und Blut Lügen beibringt auf euren Schulbänken.

Wozu Menschen erzogen werden, Kinder belogen werden, verzogen mit falschen Werten zu Sklaven von oben werden. Das sind keine Drohgebärden!

Der Scheiß ist ernst wie 16-jährige Drogentote, die sterben trotz Methadon und Ärzten. Es dreht sich sich alles um Zahlen in den Börsenmärkten, funktionieren so wie Roboter: effizient, doch mit kaltem Herzen.

In dieser Welt wo wir Ware sind, die Gewinn ansetzt, leb ich in Zeiten wo's Internet die Eltern fürs Kind ersetzt. Wahrzeichen explodieren jetzt, denn keiner will unterdrückt sein. Wer jetzt noch Kinder hat und ruhig schläft bei nacht muss verrückt sein!

Ich widersetz mich euch so wie Malcolm am Fenstersims, mit Techs. Noch bin ich ganz relaxt. Doch es währ was los, wenn ich Kinder hätt'!

In accordance with the previous post, here is your soundtrack for the day. It's by one of the best singer/songwriters of modern Germany, so don't be afraid that he is not blonde and blue-eyed. In case you are not a soccer fan, you may not have noticed that in the past twenty or so years Germany has become slowly, but surely a multicultural nation. Whereas when I was a little kid, a black man could only be seen on television (I talked about this before, and the enormous influence of Bill Cosby on those of my generation)... in recent years we have started to resemble more and more the United Colours of Benetton.

And that is a good thing.

I remember how immensely proud I felt that e.g. Mesut Özil, a German-Turkish player who had been wooed by the Turkish national team for years... instead chose to wear the jersey of my country, stating that he was born here, that this is his home, that he is a German. I'm proud that Xavier Naidoo redefined what the German language can do in song. I'm proud that they are here, that they chose to be here, that they are part of what drives Germany forward in the 21st century.

When my nephew was still little, about three years old, he and I were on the subway in Düsseldorf with my mother and my sister, and sitting across the aisle were two black men. My nephew – as three-year olds are – was utterly fascinated by the fact that their skin looked so different. He stared at them, cocked his head...

.. and just as my mother wanted to chide him for being so rude, you do not stare at other people, he broke free from my sister's grip and waddled as quickly as his little feet could carry him to those two men. Jumped up and started to rub one of the man's hands.

"Are you dirty?" asked my nephew, and proceeded to rub, because that black had to come off eventually. "I'm often dirty, too."

My sister had jumped up, being utterly apologetic, "Oh god, I'm sorry, he usually isn't like that, please, I apologise".

The two black men laughed. "It's okay."

"Doesn't your mommy wash you?" wanted my nephew to know, now being on my sister's arm and thus in reach of the two men's faces... and quick as lightning he grabbed one of the men's cheeks. Not washing was a big thing for him, as it is for any three-year-old. Playing outside, mud was heaven, dirt was a sign that you had a good day, that you had played like crazy, and dirt was something to be worn proudly, like a badge of honour... and definitely not be washed off in a bath, with soapy eyes and that cold feeling on your skin when your mother took you out of the bath water and rubbed you down with a blanket.

I was sitting there and had to laugh at the wonderful display of curiousity, of that openess, that beautiful show of innocence.

"No, they're not dirty," my sister told my nephew. "They're black."

"It's not dirt?" my nephew said.

"No, they always look like that."

And in what I consider to be one of the greatest logic leaps, one that only a child can come up, my nephew thought about it, thought that if he were black, he might not ever have to wash again, since you wouldn't be able to see dirt on you anyway...

... and said, "I want to be black when I grow up."

And so, to all those who think that hatred and bigottry, that racism and fanaticism is something that is natural, something that is part of "better white race"...

... go to hell.