March 12, 2010


A girl in Mississippi just missed her prom. Her school – rather than allow that girl to attend with her girlfriend (and in a tuxedo, have they no shame?) – shut down the entire prom, leading to a civil rights lawsuit against the school.

That girl's crime? She is gay. She wanted, oh how could she have been so naive, she wanted to share that one night openly with somebody she loves, probably with as much ferocity as Bella loves her Edward, such is the way of teenage love.

It is thus with straight couples, with lesbian ones, with gay ones... and with the strange combination of human and vampire. Because, if you are that age, all love is perfect, powerful and cannot, must not, will not end.

Remember what I said in the last post about human rights violations? This here is a perfect example of the first definition. A state school, let me repeat that, a school that stands for the system of the United States of America... decided to rather cancel an entire event than allow one girl to be open about who she is.

But that's not even why I'm angry.

It would be a good enough reason to be, but it's not why I'm angry.

It's the reactions on sites even as liberal-leaning like Huffington Post, and it's the same fucking sentiment that is always expressed when it comes to gays, and it is perilously close to how the sentiments ran deeply in Nazi Germany when it came to the Jews.

And our African-American friends are usually the first one to utter them loudly, and with a snide viciousness that they should be ashamed of when somebody brings up civil rights for gay people. Want to know what they are?

She could have just shut up about it, they say, and nobody would have noticed. Look at me, my nigger, I can't change the colour of my skin, and that means I have the right to bitch and moan whenever somebody is discriminating me.

And my personal favourite right now?

Anne Heche can switch between gay and straight in 15 minutes, while Chris Rock is still black after 300 years.

Yes. Isn't it nice to be shown the superiority of black bigottry as opposed to white bigottry? Because, let me repeat that, it is always thus that you need somebody to look down on, and gays are just the current crop of people that make easy targets.

It shows how a massive part of Western societies sees them.

And we are not even going to get into how Eastern and African and Asian societies see them.

Hey, in Nigeria they want to have a law that makes homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Then again, in Nigeria you can die for being a Muslim. Or a Christian. Or poor.

Boy, do they really hate themselves in Africa, don't they, eh? But we are not even going to talk about them right now.

Like I said earlier, we need to clean up our own damn house first.

If these gay could only not bother us with public displays of affection, then we wouldn't have a problem with them. They can stay in the closet! For fuck's sakes, gays, stay the fuck in there, we already gave you the public restrooms at airports, didn't we? You can do the tapdance, you can do your cocksucking there, allow us to simply not be bothered by the notion that you are there.

It should be easy enough for you. After all, you are not black. It's not like we can see that you are gay (unless you choose to dress like it, and please don't, we dont like that either! A tuxedo for a woman? That is just so wrong, where do your balls hang, kid?)... so please just shut up about it, and guess what?

You can then go to the prom! You can even join the army! Yes, even you can be all you can be... well, kind of, but hey, at least you can then go to interesting countries and get killed for a country that really doesn't like your guts!

Don't be such a meanie, Thomas, the black folks will say. They ain't been enslaved like us, so fuck them! They be crackers! Gay crackers! Straight crackers! Still be crackers to us! They don't know of our pain! Nobody knows of our pain! We are unique in our pain!

And to those black people who think that?

Fuck you.

Fuck you for being such selfish bastards. Fuck you for not standing up for others who face hatred and bigottry like you have been facing all that time.

Fuck you for not standing up for your fellow men and women who are born that way, and who have the right to be happy just as you have that right.

But wait... most people still don't believe that homosexuals were made that way. They're either "sick" or they are "sinners". Such is the official language by the Roman Catholic Church, homosexuality is an abomination to be tolerated by us straight, upright faithful as a sign of "god's love", but they are classified as "subhuman".

Unless, of course, they are pedophiles and prey on young boys in Catholic boarding schools.

Then they... need to be forgiven.

Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.

And you wonder why I am against the church? The same church that during the time of the Nazi regime was okay, let me repeat that, okay with Nazis discriminating and then killing Jews for being "subhuman".

Gosh, why, we really did come a long way, didn't we, baby?

The same church that had in a monastery near my hometown dozens and dozens of baby corpses buried in the basement, carried to terms by the apparently not so celibate nuns over decades and decades, to be only then strangled, their little lives choked out of them and to be put into the ground without as much as a single thought, a single prayer, a single righteous action to prevent it... by those "women of God".

Here's a memo to the Roman Catholic Church.

You have no right to tell other people about morals.

You, the world's first and foremost institution to harbour pedophiles.

You, the first and foremost institution that tortured people, that stole land, that killed and raped and brutalised Europe for centuries.

You, the first and foremost institution that looked the other way when Mussolini came to power, so that he would give you that little thing called the Vatican state.

You, the first and foremost institution that forced your own priests, the good ones, the ones who wouldn't shut up... to be quiet as they warned about the rising Nazi tide, because the Nazis promised you and your perverted Vatican state that you could keep your main fucking revenue from Germany, the state-mandated church tax.

You, the first and foremost institution that turned its back on those priests as they struggled, as they fought, as they died in the concentration camps alongside their fellow men and women, bound together by their humanity and killed just as the ones they tried to protect from the inhuman hordes that ran Germany.

You, the first and foremost institution that now claims those priests you abandoned back then as saints. How pathetic you are. How hypocritical.

You don't have the right to talk about Jesus. You don't have the right to talk about compassion and love and mercy, when all you have done for thousands of years is to manipulate, to steal, to murder... in the name of God, so that nobody would hold you accountable.

After all, God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

You, who treat your fellow men and women like outcasts to be pitied, to be coddled, to be "put right", to be put in camps and re-educated to praise not ass or pussy, but God!

Get thee behind me, Satan!

(I promise, you'll like it, isn't that right, Ted Haggard?)

Scratch the fact that the girl is gay. Say she is black. Same circumstances (and that has happened in the United States as well)... only she is black and she wants to bring a white boyfriend to the prom.

In the age of Obama? Jesse Jackson's head would explode! Al Sharpton would call a press conference! And the Chocolate Messiah himself... would have a beer summit! Or have a grand tour of the Midwest States in lieu of actually doing something, because that's what he does. He does speeches. He has no backbone. hell, the first black president of the United States should have been Martin Luther King, not this white-washed chicken-souled fraud.

But then again, the girl isn't black. So her civil rights are not as important as that of blacks, because... oh, her skin colour isn't as dark as it should be to be noticed and valued in the age of I have mine, fuck you if you want yours!

So, I say... let's make the girl Jewish. Being a Jew... isn't really something you can see from the outside. And before anybody points at distinct "Jewish" features, I have a Wannsee protocol for you to read, where they made that exact point, that you can "recognise" Jewishness, so you better shut the fuck up now before I give you your complimentary swastika armband!

And no, you don't get to use it for sexual fetish games, either. I used it for that purpose already. You... get to use it to identify yourself as what you are.

Let's make her Jewish. Same circumstances. You want to tell me AIPAC is not going to bring out their top lawyers? You think that there wouldn't be phone calls after phone calls to Congressmen and Senators? You think that the Chocolate Messiah wouldn't get involved?

But then again, she is merely gay.

And gay people are subhuman, aren't they?

The Catholic Church tells us that. The Mega Churches in the United States tell us that. And in Leviticus, the Jews tell us that gays should be killed. Yeah. Incidentally, Leviticus is who all those "Christian" groups point to as well, because jesus never actually said anything – in any of the four gospels or the apocrypha – about homosexuals. Guess it wasn't that important to the guy who said to "love thy neighbour". So... to those "Christians" who claim Leviticus as their own...

... conveniently forgetting for a moment that this claiming makes them Jewish, but then again, Jews are evil and will never enter heaven, for they killed Baby Jesus...

... how fucking big and empty does your head have to be to have two completely hypocritical and hateful prejudices chasing each other around in there? Do you even understand what you believe?

And as for the Jews...who knows, if Hitler had only targeted the gays, who knows what the official Jewish reaction would have been... and again I say, the measure of being human is to be able – albeit it merely empathically – to walk in another person's shoes for a while, even if that person is a gay man and the shoes are stilletoes.

Back to this girl, though.

Has this girl hurt anybody? No. Has she been offensive? Only if you are a bigot. She wanted to have that one moment. With her girlfriend. At a prom. And she has been made to feel worthless in the eyes of those who have the power. The power to give and deny without due process. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm... power. Now comes in a new flavour!

How is that different from 1933, when the Nazis started their end run by simply identifying the Jews in my country? Newsflash, class. We didn't start rounding them up immediately. That's what your idiot history teachers may have told you, but you cannot start by rounding them up. No, you have to first identify them. You first have to give the majority of your countrymen a sense of superiority.

You have to make them subhuman.

But this girl is standing up. This girl is fighting.

And whoever believes in human rights, we should be standing up with her. For her. So that she knows she is not alone. So that she knows we are not all like that. So that she knows she can be proud and unafraid of who she is...

... and that she is part of the best thing that has ever been on this planet. The human race.

Yes. That's what we all belong to, and I don't give a damn if you are black, white, gay, straight, bisexual, man, woman and anything inbetween, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Scientologist (yes, even them, and no, I do not subscribe to Xenu at all, but hey, if believing in him makes you a better human being, makes you kind towards others, be my guest)... did I miss something, oh yes, Asian, doesn't matter what you are. Where you are. Who you are.

You are a human being.

What could be more cherished?

What could be more worthy to fight for?

And if there is a black teen somewhere who gets denied his civil rights for dating a white woman, stand up for him. If there is a Jewish woman somewhere who gets denied due process because of what she believes in, stand up for her. If there is a Muslim in jail simply because he believes in something that – let me perfectly clear – I don't subscribe to, that I find incredibly stupid...

... stand up for that man, too.

Whereever a weaker human being is being pushed around and bullied by those with power, by those who make the rules, bend the rules, break the rules whenever they feel like it, whenever it suits their purpose, by those who are full of hatred and bigottry...

... stand up for them.

And don't back down.

Don't ever back down.

Tell them.

Tell them that they are not alone.

That they will never be alone.

That you are with them.

And that you brought friends.