April 21, 2010


The public reaction of super-moralist child-beating Catholic bishop Mixa is a play-by-play of any celebrity caught out doing any kind of bullshit. First you cover, then you admit that something may have happened, but that it was quite normal for your culture or for the time or for the culture of the time...

... and none of that helps (as I rounded up prior), you go for the last thing.

The non-apology apology.

And since people working in journalism and the mainstream media these days have no idea on how to parse a text and understand anything, they actually come up with headlines like "Bishop Mixa apologises".

No shit.
Mit einer Demutsgeste hat der umstrittene Augsburger Bischof Walter Mixa die Priester seines Bistums zu besänftigen versucht. In einer außerordentlichen Versammlung des Priesterrats seiner Diözese erklärte Mixa nach Angaben des Augsburger Ordinariats, es tue ihm im Herzen weh und leid, dass er vielen Menschen Kummer bereitet habe: "Ich bitte um Verzeihung."
... it states in the German Zeit. Hello? Is he at any point here apologising for beating children? No. See, that might get him into even hotter water.

And so, like every politician who got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, any celebrity who got caught with his or her pants down, he issues the highly ritualistic "I am sorry that I have caused other people to worry" apology... to other priests!

Translation: I'm sorry that it got out and that it caused a ruckus.

Not: I'm sorry that I beat the snot out of you, kids.

But the mainstream media, as retarded as they are, is swallowing it.

Hook, line, sinker.

Somebody should educate our current crop of "journalists" on how to actually read something. What the hell did all of them do during their German language studies in school? What the hell did all of them do in university? Couldn't have been studying language and interpretation, I tell you that.