April 16, 2010


... but then again, up to this point Bischop Mixa categorically called those who came forward  and accused him of abuse "liars". This, incidentally, for those folks who are not in Germany, is a bishop who not only categorically denied that child abuse was ever perpetrated by Catholic priests, no, on February 16, 2010 (gosh, that was only two months ago), he publicly claimed that pedophilia in the Catholic Church had been caused by the sexual revolution!

In other words, there was neither diddling, rape or physical abuse anywhere in any Catholic Church prior to 1968! Yeah, hey, tell that to the kids in the Regensburg boy choir, where some have come forward and told their stories of abuse and sexual misconduct...

... in the EARLY 1950s!

But hey, everybody else lies, eh? Especially when it came to him!

(1) he denied to have ever been to the childen's home St. Josef in Schrobenhausen. Wha? Me? Why, I never...

(2) Upon being called by the nuns at St. Josef that they did call him whenever they felt they couldn't handle a child, Bishop Mixa went, eh, okay, I might have been there once or twice, but I never ever hit a child or beat a child, priests don't do that, there is no violence coming from priests

(3) Hell, I don't remember any boy or girl, what? Why are you still bothering me?

But now, we have reached stage (4). And that means...

(4) Sure, what the hell, I did slap kids around, whatever the fuck is your problem It was 20 or 30 years ago! Every teacher, every everybody did it at that time, it was common practice.

To them young folks out there, you may not remember this, some of you don't even remember the Cold War (not your fault, you are below 21, you were born after the Wall came down, and everything prior to your existence is ancient history anyway, right? That's okay. Most young folks are like that, have always been like that, will always be like that)

Bu to those who are a bit older or who can think back...

20 years ago = 1990

30 years ago = 1980

That's the decade I grew up in. I know what was common place and what wasn't in he decade between 1980 and 1990. I've been there. I know. Even in the hellhole that was my school, not a single teacher would have dared to beat a child. Not because they wouldn't want to, no, because those folks who grew up during that horrible time Bishop Mixa claims to have brought the "sexual revolution"...

(we call them the 68ers)

...now had children of their own, and there would have been hell and damnation for those teachers who dared to do to their children what their teachers had done to them.

And yes, I know. Before anybody out there starts telling me that I have no idea.

My mother grew up at a time in the 1950s, when she was beaten by priests and teachers, when things like holding out stacks of books in your arms, stretched out until the muscles started to give, until you couldn't hold the books anymore, was punishment for not giving your teacher the answer they wanted to hear. And if (when) you did let the books fall, you'd be "rewarded" by having your hands beaten with a wooden ruler (if you were lucky) or have your ass beaten with a stick until you couldn't sit straight for a week.

My aunt nearly lost half of her ear when a teacher ripped on it so hard that the earlobe was ripped from her neck, making her bleed like a pig.

Want to know what her crime was? She hadn't been fast enough, eating that half of her sandwich that she had been given for school during the break prior to this class. She was still chewing the last bits of it as class started.

And when she refused to throw away the other half of the sandwich, as her teacher demanded, that was her punishment.

Want to know why she refused? It was the refusal of somebody who barely had enough to eat to get through the day. My mother and my aunt were so poor they often had one sandwich to eat for the entire day.

They were starving, and I'm not talking about the "man, I am starving, let's go to McDonald's" bullshit, either. I'm talking about the fact that they went hungry for days at the time.

I'm talking about having a spoon of dried milk that the Americans sent with their CARE packages being the highlight of the fucking week, because you could put it on your tongue, and your saliva would turn it into this sweet glob that had roughly the consistency of a milk drop, then. I'm talking about sharing one piece of meat with three people, maybe once in two weeks.

Any wonder she refused to throw away the other half of the sandwich?

It was the difference between your "normal" level of hunger and blinding, painful hunger that keeps you awake at night and sends your stomach into fits and cramps as it tries to find something, anything to digest.

And yes, for that, she nearly got her damn ear torn off... by her teacher.

My father, in a Catholic school, was repeatedly beaten with a stick by his teachers until his ass bled.

My parents are even ashamed to talk about it now, ashamed and angry, and they are both retired. That's how long this stays with you, Bishop Mixa.

It stays with you forever.

It never leaves, that memory, that feeling of shame, because surely you must have done something horrible to deserve this, surely you must have been bad.

Yes, Bishop Mixa. That's the time you remember. That's the time you loved. The 1950s and early 1960s. Don't you dare tell people that between 1980 and 1990 beatings were common place in schools or homes or homes for children.

My parents never beat me. Not. A. Single. Time.

My teachers, mobbing assholes as they were, never beat me. Not. A. Single. Time.

Don't you dare stack lie upon lie upon lie.

Don't you fucking dare.