April 14, 2010


It's not that there aren't things that everybody should be rightfully angry about, like the "Oh, what? Slavery? What slavery? Come on, everybody did it, and them elitist Northern assholes just wanted to take away our freedoms, so they invaded us" bullshit that Virgina's governor is spouting (if I remember correctly, slavery was omitted from Mississippi's "Confederacy Month", too) at the moment...

... and isn't it fascinating to see how bad people (yes, that's right, I call them what they are. Arrogant. History-raping. White. Racists) are capable of denying things that happened? You know, like the Aryan assholes that are predominantly to be found in South of the United States, gosh, I wonder why...

... or the Turks still going apeshit over the fact (yes, boys and girls, the fact) that they committed genocide when it came to the Armenians, no, no, of course you didn't commit genocide, no, you just thought those people were in your way, we all need a little Lebensraum, do we not...

... gosh, if only we had explained it this way to the Jews, oh wait, we did, right before we murdered them for just being there.

No, there is plenty of stuff out there that we should all get angry about, but I have been working on something for the past two weeks that you have seen on this blog and that I thought would never have a shot of going anywhere, unless Matt Perry sees it.

Well guess what?

Matt Perry has seen it!

No, I'm just kidding.

But somebody with a pedigree has seen it, and as we all know when it comes producing, a pedigree means that you have actually produced real stuff, and this guy has produced some of the bigger motion pictures of the past decade (and no, I am not going to name him, because this is still far too early to blow your own trumpet, and I don't trust anybody, even the ones with a pedigree, hell, especially the ones with a pedigree)... and so I have been working hard on expanding and detailing my original idea.

The funny thing about this is... it is the one story that I never considered to have any commercial value, not because it is bad, it is – as I have said earlier – the thing I am most proud of, and I say it again, it probably is the quintessential Thomas R. Hart story.

I just never thought anybody would be interested in actually making it.

Well, it appears (he says with the cautiousness that comes from having been burned far too often) that somebody is interested in making it.

Talks are underway, but hey, this is Hollywood we are talking about. They always talk. It's a miracle anything gets done in this industry, with all that talking going on.

But with a bit of luck, well, a lot of luck really... there just may be a television show.

My television show.

Excited much, me? No.

But if they go for it, you just may see what it means to have me be unchained, because that is the one thing that is vital for this to be successful. And the one thing I will insist on. Control.  Why? Because I invented this. Nobody else did. And as I stated before, if you want to do glamourised fan fiction, if you want to be a slave, you can do so, there is a market place for it, it's called "the mainstream".

But I'm no slave.

Hey, it says so right at the top of the blog!