April 1, 2010


For those who are wondering why movies (and logically, the screenplay is the beginning of any movie) are getting dumber by the minute, look now further. "Carson Reeves" of the infamous ScriptShadow site is illustrating the point quite nicely. Of course, he thinks he is criticising the screenplay writer, but all he does – as these folks often do – is to show us how incredibly retarded those are who claim the mantle of "professionalism".
What I learned: I’ll start with something technical, since I rarely use this section to do so. I’ve noticed, after reading as many scripts as I have, that when you’re jumping forward in time a lot, simply telling us the current year isn’t enough. Because we don’t remember what the past year you listed was. It was 20 pages ago. So when you write, “1863,” on page 17. Then “1871” on page 32, I don’t know how much time has passed unless I begrudgingly go searching back through the script to find the previous year. A better option, unless the previous year you listed was a few pages ago, is to maybe put in parenthesis “1871 (9 years later).” That way, I immediately know how many years have passed. May seem trivial but it’s a big difference if 2 years have passed as opposed to, say, 7.
Really? Are you kidding me? You are waah-waahing the fact that only the year number is superimposed/written in the script? And your argument is – and this is something that you have to take in, because it is one of the prime example of that type of arrogance that comes from ignorance – that you cannot remember something that fucking happened 15 pages ago? Not 20 pages, Reeves. 15! 15 pages is too much for poor Mr. Reeves' brain.

Let me repeat that: 15 pages is enough that it freezes Mr. Reeves' brain! And this is a guy who has the audacity to offer writers "script notes" for money!

Also, Mr. Reeves is too retarded to calculate. 1871 - 1863 = 8 years.

That's right. 8 years, not 9.

And he has the gall to put this on the writer?

I'm sorry, Mr. Reeves, but while we are at it, would you also like to have some pre-school lego blocks, because that is obviously the intellectual level that you are operating with (and a lot of the agents and managers and "professional" readers as well).

Again, it proves how little respect there is for the profession itself, if idiots and retards cannot be bothered to remember something that happened only 15 pages ago!

And these people are running the asylum, my friends.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.