May 31, 2010


During a tour of a BP PLC staging area for cleanup workers, CEO Tony Hayward said the company's sampling showed "no evidence" that oil was suspended in large masses beneath the surface. He didn't elaborate on how the testing was done.
He goes on to say that "oil has a natural tendency" to rise up and float to the surface. You know what, you completely corrupt lying retard? So has methane!  And if you idiot don't know what methane is, it's that "natural gas" that is erupting out of your blown well... 1,5 kilometres in the deep. With pressure enough to crush a lot of things. Now, what does e.g. happen to methane this deep in the ocean? Come on, Hayward, you intellectual turd on the ass of humanity, you should know. It plugged up your first condom. Because the pressure and the cold turned it into? What? What? Methane Hydrate! Which is doing what? Yes, it is then not rising to the surface, despite methan also have a fucking "natural tendency" to rise to the surface.

But Tony Hayward didn't miss Chem 101. He just counts on the fact that you have. That your "common sense" (i.e. the ability to extrapolate from natural observation of those actions and reactions around you) makes you believe that this could not possibly have happened. I mean, honky, please. You never seen olive oil on hot pasta water? Where does it go? Oh, yes, it's on the surface. Case closed. Easy. Move on. Nothing to see here.

Only this is all happening, and again, this is not an environment where the surface laws of physics and chemistry apply, at a depth of 1.5 kilometres.  And if you didn't miss Chem 101, you know that substances and elements change their natural states according to pressure and temperature. Or has nobody ever heard of super-conductors?

But hey, this is the same motherfucker who has so far nothing but lied. Who has had his company force rescue workers to sign contracts that gag them, preventing them from talking to the press about what they see during the clean-up.

This is the same motherfucker who supressed the release of video imagery from the gushing well. Who still denies that BP was too cheap to shell out for a proper blowout preventer. Who  doesn't allow independent scientists to the site to analyze the proper extent of the damage. Who has in the past covered up similar disasters, all caused by reckless negligience, on other BP sites.

This is the same motherfucker who claimed that "only" 1,000 barrels of oil gushed from his blown well. Who is directly responsible through his greed, his lies, his corruption for the death of those who went down with the Deepwater Horizon.

And the fucking Chocolate Messiah is still talking to him?

Still believing everything that comes out of BP's mouth?

Still letting them shaft the rest of the world?

Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

Oh, that's right. They have Jack now on the run (towards his movie, no doubt). And just like here, in real life, the creators of 24 were cowards when it came to tackling the real villains, the ones who hide behind their lackeys, the ones who stay in the shadows, who claim they are protected by law while they break it, bend it, manipulate it, corrupt it. Who always are allowed to get away with it. Who laugh in the face of justice, knowing they bought, bribed, paid for judges and jurys, for Congressmen and Senators, for laws and the lack of regulations.

In the finale of 24, that most American of all sentiments came through again.

Do not touch the powerful.

Do not ever touch the powerful.

You can maim and torture, kill and cover up the little people. The Red Shirts of national and international terrorism and corruption, but don't you dare, don't you fucking dare put a sniper rifle and point it at the heads of the ones who gave the order. Somewhere. In a room halfway across the world. Don't you dare holding these accountable. That makes you cross the line. That's what the ones in power tell us, whisper to us, bring forth in both TV fiction and TV realities. Do not touch us. You are villain. You are a madman if you touch us.

The only line that resonated with me during those final two hours of Jack Bauer's TV life was the confrontation between him and the corrupt FBI/CTU agent.

"Who made you judge, jury and executioner?" the corrupt, murderous man asks Jack.

"You did," replies Jack. "I would have been fine for the system to work, to bring justice. But you, people like you, took that away from me. Yes. I am judge and jury now."

The ones who corrupted us all, though, got yet another free ride.

On TV and in real life.