May 7, 2010


If what happened in the UK last night – put up now by numerous news services and wire reports – in a country like, oh, let's say Iran or Iraq, everybody would be up in arms about it, and rightfully so. What happened?

People had their right to vote being taken away from them!

Let me repeat that. Despite waiting in line for hours in numerous districts, such as London and Newscastle, these people were not allowed to cast the votes! At 10 PM, regardless of how many people were still standing outside, waiting patiently, the ballots simply closed.

How is that for a fucking democracy?

It is not merely your duty to vote, it is also – more importantly – your damn right to do so. And don't you dare come with a reply of "we didn't have enough ballot papers there". What? The? Fuck?

Roughly 70 percent of eligible voters wanted to vote, one of the highest turn outs in recent British history, but still not a full 100 percent. Hello? And you didn't have enough ballot paper? Are you people fucking retarded? Or did you not want all the people to vote? Maybe chance it a little here or there?

Like I said, in those "terrorist" countries, we'd be all high and moral about it.

But when it happens at home, it's an organisational and/or clerical error?

This is unacceptable!

It would have been easy to avert this. Make the calls to the election commission and tell them, "hey, we have way too many people still here, we are going to stay open for as long as it takes to process them all". It would have been another call to say, "get us the hell more ballot paper. What? What do you mean you don't have anymore? Fucking make copies then!"

And especially since the UK has a district-winner-takes-all system, these few hundred votes here and there... could significantly change the damn election! I'm sorry, but what the hell? We are going to vote here on Sunday in the NRW election. And here's a thought.

Vote the fuck on Sunday!
Germany has one of the most complex election systems on the damn planet. And we seem to manage every time that nobody out there is still waiting in line and have their ballot stations close up right in front of them! Why can't you? Are you that retarded? That unorganised?

But then again, in the US and in the UK, they like to vote on a work day.

Gosh, I wonder why?

Who were those people who stood there in line? Rich people? No. It was the people who had come home from work... and wanted to make their voices heard! And that right was denied to them! Sorry, Oliver Twist, no more for you. We got all the votes we'll ever need.

Every single one of those districts, I say, has to re-vote.

Only then can you call yourself a democracy.

When the last vote is cast.

When the last voter is allowed to cast the vote.