May 5, 2010


I wanted to wait before posting anything on the subject matter until Bill Maher's New Rules popped up on YouTube. Because as much piss and vinegar I have for our own system (and I do), Maher is right. About everything.

Freddom of Speech? Not negotiable.

Separation of Church and State? Not negotiable

Women's Rights and Equality? Not negotiable.

And considering that recent Time Square would-be-bomber... want to know why we shouldn't be afraid of Muslim terrorists? Not only because by and large our system is still better, as fucked up as it is, No. We shouldn't be afraid of them...

... because they are not really intelligent, are they?

I mean, a racist hick like Timothy McVeigh at least knew how to build a bomb. No, really. He did. And he did it all by himself, there was no six months in a Taliban terror camp needed. This Time Square bomber guy, he apparently went to a terror camp in Pakistan (where we are not bombing, hm), got himself educated in... uh, what exactly?

Ah, yes, I know. The monkey bars! Remember the monkey bars? That's what we always see in the terrorist training videos. They sure got that down, they do. But let's be honest here. Even 9/11 happened because of one simple fallacy. The people on the hijacked planes thought they were going to Cuba. Or somewhere. They thought that this was an old-school hijacking. With box cutters, no less. And the threat of a bomb on the plane. But basically, it was the thought of the passengers that – if they followed protocol – they'd have a good chance of making it out of there alive.

So thanks to you, Osama Bin Laden.

You won a game. By changing the rules.

I flew back after 9/11, from St. Louis back to Germany. And I saw what had changed. It wasn't that people were afraid. It was that they had realised that somebody had changed the rules. And with apologies to all Muslim-looking folk, well, there was nobody on that flight who didn't know exactly where they were sitting, myself included.

And as the past nine years have proven, every time a Muslim-looking person tried something stupid (the shoe bomber, the underpants bomber), the rest of the passengers were on them like white on rice. And yes, I did choose that analogy carefully.

Which is why I am perfectly confident that nothing like 9/11 will ever happen again.

Bin Laden's retards showed the rest of the world that if you are hijacked by Islamists, you are dead either way. So everybody knows that it's better to go out fighting.

Tough shit, Osama.

But what impressed me the most about catching that Times Square bomber idiot? 55 hours in, the US police forces had identified him, caught him and read him Miranda. That's right, class. They caught him like you catch every criminal. They were fast, they were professional, they were successful.

That's how you deal with Islamists.

Why? Because we are better. Because we have to show them that we are better. Not just more successful, not just mightier (we all know the US has the mightiest armed forces in the world) ... we are better. More enlightened.

We believe in human rights.

We believe in freedom of speech.

We believe in the rule of law.

All these things... make us better.

That's not a weakness. It's a strength. And we shouldn't give it up. Not for these idiots who hide their hatred and bigotry behind religion and culture. Don't be afraid of them. Don't give up what our ancestors fought for. What we all fought for, what will still have to fight for.

To make things better. Every day.