May 27, 2010


Even though I am hard at work (and driving myself batshit insane, so maybe this would be my connection to this item), it's 2.40 AM here, and my personal favourite insane person is at it again. Yes. Sarah. Oh, Sarah. What would all do without you?

See, a journalist named Joe McGuiness moved into the house next door to Sarah Palin's while writing a book about her. Woah, Nelly! Personal space, much? Yes, that is what's complaining about. Personal space. The woman who whores herself out for Fox News and lists every fucking fart on Facebook! Has a problem with somebody writing a book. No, wait. She's always had a problem with books. And people who write them. Unless they are ghosting for her own books. But a journalist living right next door?

Oh, Sarah, honey, it's time to move to LA. You know, where they have fences and shit to protect themselves from paparazzis. Where reporters (unless you are Janice Min, ex of US Weekly and new to The Hollywood Reporter ) simply don't have the 7 million dollars it would take to buy the property next to yours while they are writing about you. And think about it! You're already working with the Discovery Channel! The Deadliest Something? No, that wasn't it. But something like that. And think of the new friends your motivational speaker daughter Bristol could make! Lindsay Lohan's been looking for a new BFF for a long time, so I hear.

But wait! That would no longer then show that you are "part of them people". You know, the ones that you so brilliantly manipulate. You in LA? Holy shit, these folks there been bullshitting for generations, and they are better at it.

They probably would call you moving into the house next to theirs... lowing property prices.

P.S. I have decided to make any item about Sarah Palin no longer part of the POWER WATCH postings. I know that she has made TIME'S 100 most influental list, but then again, so has Lady Gaga. Need I say more? I believe now that Palin can no longer be seen as a single individual, she is the symbol of a trend in society now, and watching her should be akin to watching for new viral strains of dangerous and potentially lethal diseases.