May 30, 2010


Okay, after more than 10 hours today, seventeen different attempts to make certain scenes in my revised pilot flow into each other without going over 50 pages and failing each and every time, two migraine attacks trying to do so and thinking to myself that I must suck terribly (and if you don't have those days, you are not a writer), I sat down tonight to do something I thought I'd never do. Watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Oh. My. God. Am I getting insane?

No, actually it's because ever since she won the German trials for the show, I – like many – have been somewhat enarmoured with Lena Meyer-Landrut, or Li'l Björk as I call her. Who made the decision to change a simple ballad into an up-tempo song, complete with what can only be called the cutest, "drunk" dancing ever.

I lav, lav, lav her. And yes, her English accent is... different. It's not English, not really, The Brits themselves call it Mockney, or faux-Cockney, but that isn't it, either. It's Lena-Speak. And it's cute. Why? I don't know, but apparently I'm not the only one who does. Germany just won the Eurovision Song Contest! Woop! Woop! Lav! Lav! Lav! With a whopping 76 points to place number two, which everybody on TV said is a big deal, and we all know that what they say on TV must be true.

Congratulations, L'il Björk. Don't let them change you. You were different. Raw. Unpolished. And brave enough to go and do your thing in a field that consisted mostly of gaudy robots.

You deserved it. You're no longer a satellite.

You're a planet. And we're in orbit all around you.