May 16, 2010


I'm writing, and I'm writing under deadline. And yes, it's for the TV show that I created and alluded to earlier. So far I had two phone conferences with the development people (thank god for phone conferences, I would have hated to do this through the goddamn YM chat bullshit again), and there were some good ideas, nay, brilliant ideas thrown around during both of them, so I'm implementing these ideas. A lot of work. Good ideas always turn into a lot of work. Bad ideas are for lazy people.

That doesn't mean I'm not watching what's happening in the world. Or that I don't know that my country just essentially acquired Greece, Portugal and Spain to the tune of at least 150 billion Euro. Or that this enormous buy-in into the South of Europe has already had our politicians all over sudden remember, hey, we don't have any money! Know where we should save money? Education! Yes!

That is a brilliant idea. Give all the money to banks, where it doesn't do anything that fatten up assholes, but cut the education budget, because the damn last thing that we need is a generation that can think for itself. Bad things happen when you have a geneartion that can think. They might not agree with what politicians tell them. Bad, bad children! Shut up and buy your iPad!

Anyway, I'll be away for a while.

Be good to yourself... and each other.