June 19, 2010


Germany lost 0:1 to Serbia last night. That is very depressing.

I don't like this world cup. No, not because Germany lost. They played well, but were unlucky. Serbia played well, too, but considering the German team had only 10 players for almost an hour, well...

... it's the atmosphere of the thing. It's the referees. And the majority of the teams that play like they are in some kind of winter's hibernation. Probably not too far off, when you think how fucking cold it is in South Africa now. Now, there was a good idea. Take the world cup – in the middle of summer in most of the game's great nations – and transport it to a freezer. No, even better. Let's transport it to a freezer that's open half of the time. And temperatures go up and down like a roller coaster during the day, like Anne Heche coming out. I'm in! I'm out! I'm in!

Below zero during the nights. Up to 27 degrees during the day.


Snow during the world cup?


And whatever happened to good refereeing? The guy from Spain pretty much gave half of the German and Serbian teams yellow cards. And neither team was callous or cruel or fouled in such a way that would warrant such a flood. And that wasn't the only game.

The referee in the US game yesterday clearly stole them the victory by not giving them the goal to what should have been a 3:2 victory.

And teams like the Netherlands play as if it was chess. Please. Nobody move.

The world cup should be held in places people care. And people can get to. Remember 2006 in Germany? Half of the nations' fans came down here. Peacefully. It wasn't that expensive for most of them. They could camp. Hell, they could even come down for just one game and fly back or drive back to France, to England, to Spain, to...

... and there were more than enough ex-pats from Argentina and Brazil and... and...

That cup was a celebration.

This one? I simply don't get that feeling. The tickets were too expensive, so they didn't sell enough. It was too far away and too expensive for most Europeans and South Americans to travel there.

North Korea? Now, that was funny. North Korea bought its fans. No, seriously. Since actual North Koreans aren't allowed to slip away from Li'l Kim, that most beloved of all scumbag dictators in Asia decided to buy his soccer team some fans.

Yes. There's always money for the greater glory of our leaders.

In something that should be as pure as soccer.

I'm not sure if I should laugh or hurl.