June 24, 2010


Italy just got kicked out of the World Cup, joining France on its way home. Think about it. The two finalists of 2006, both of them undeserved, are dropped from the tournament as the lasts of their respective groups!

And once more, nothing was more just, nothing more deserved!

And incidentally, kicking a goalkeeper into the net after having scored a goal, kicking him while he is down and not expect a fist to your face? Stop your fucking whining, Italy. You who foul in secret and – like the South Americans – are the divas of death when somebody just as much as looks at you the wrong way. Ohhhhh. I am dying! Feel my pain! Waaaaah! Waaahh! What? You think you are performing Shakes-fucking-speare here? You think you're Romeo? Waaaah! Waaaaaah!

You had two months of deluding yourself after Inter Milano won the Champions Leage. Two months during which you thought, hey, we are the best league in the world. Oh, did I mention that not a single Italian was on the pitch for Inter Milano during the final? Yeah... not a single one. It was a foreign legion.

Your politician Umberto Bossi claimed rather proudly before this match that Slovakia is nothing, and that you would buy your victory if necessary. Because, hey, that's tradition in Italy, isn't it?

Only the Slovaks didn't play along.

And you couldn't cheat or buy yourself out of this one.

Arrividerci, Italy.

Nobody will miss you.