June 8, 2010


Oh, Mahmud. Didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut? But, no... at the CIC conference in Turkey (the conference for security in Asia... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!), he seriously called Iran and Turkey "beacons of human rights and moral behaviour" while doing the usual of "Israel will fall" blah blah blah.

So, clubbing demonstrators by secret police on bikes? That's deeply moral. Detaining people without warrant? Deeply moral. Killing your opposition? Deeply moral.

What irks me is that this is exactly (and hey, Turkey, way to go and help, I'm very proud of you!) why the Palastenians are in the deep shit they are in. On the one hand, the monster Benjamin Netanyahu wants to not stop until they are either dead or out at sea, preferably both. On the other hand, the Muslim monsters want the Palastenians right where they are, where they have been since 1948.

They don't (even when they say they do) Israel to go away. No. Israel – and the way it is behaving since the murder of Rabin – is exactly what they want. It unifies them in their hatred, glossing over almost everything else inside their own corrupt little countries. The US threatening them? Is exactly what they want. They would not be happier for Israel to be all retarded again and kill and shoot some other humanitarian workers. They could not be happier for the United States to go even more bonkers and maybe attack Iran.

We shouldn't play their game. Isreal shouldn't play their game. The United States shouldn't play their game. But they will.