June 25, 2010


Look, I went into journalism to do journalism, not advertising. My views are critical but that shouldn't be mistaken for hostile - I'm just not a stenographer. There is a body of work that shows how I view these issues but that was hard-earned through experience, not something I learned going to a cocktail party on fucking K Street. That's what reporters are supposed to do, report the story.
So says Michael Hastings, you know, that one single reporter who reported. In Rolling Stone magazine. About what Stanley McChrystal really thought. About the war. About Barry. And that vice president guy with the tourette-retard syndrome. What was his name again? Bite me?

And all of the mainstream media was in such a foaming state of madness. How did Hastings get that access? What cock did he suck that we didn't And why did he actually report on what was said instead of keeping it deep background? Or, as one of the mainstream morons said, "Wasn't there concern that writing this would make you lose, uh, access for future stories?"

Like Jon Stewart said the other night. "At roughly 11.03 Eastern Standard Time, the American mainstream media realised... it sucked."