June 13, 2010


If anybody ever searches for "Thomas R. Hart" on Facebook, you will find that there is a profile on that most abysmal of all data monsters with that name.

And yes, it is my account.

And no, you will not find me there.

Because I find Facebook one of the most atrocious, anti-social (or, if you prefer, faux-social) sites of all time.  I find Zuckerberg to be an ugly, selfish and atrocious man, who did not only steal his idea from another student, but who also has shown on numerous occasions that he looks down on those who actually use his piece of shit pretend "let's all be together, even though ten years ago I hated your guts and you hated mine, but whatever, let's all post each other" bullshit.

The reason I have an account?

I don't want anyone else to use my name.

Simple as that.