June 21, 2010


I'm sorry I've had it. I just really have had it. It's not just that idiot Alberto Undiano (although, to be fair, he was from Spain) who essentially killed the game between Germany and Serbia on Friday.

It's not just that this guy Koman Coulibaly from Malaysia might be solely responsible for kicking the American team off the world cup.

And who are these people? Are they players?


They were the referees. And what fucking bad excuses for refereeing we are seeing at this world cup. Did the referee (or his assistants) see that Brazil's Fabiano used his arm, not only once but twice, in order to score 2:0? No. Of course not. And afterwards, that fucking fraction of a man named Fabiano stood in front of the cameras and did the fucking remake speech of Maradona: 1986: How to cheat to become the world cup champion! 

"It was the hand of god."

You know something, Fabiano?

I got your hand of god right here, and it's going up your ass!

And yes, I do want this guy to be excluded for the rest of the world cup. I want him to rot on the stands. I don't want his "hand of god" ever to be seen on the pitch again.

But of course they are not going to do that. Can't do that to a Brazilian. Don't we know they "just wanna play", ha ha, isn't that funny? And so I hope that somebody on the pitch does a Boateng on him, and if you don't know what that means, you don't know soccer.

Another referee (and I'm way too angry to look up who that was) gave a penalty against Australia, because when you got shot full force while standing on the goalline and you don't cut off your arm, that apparently is a punishable offense.

The refeering at this world cup makes me start to wonder.

If it is already known who is going to be the world champion. If it hasn't already been decided in a backroom, in Moscow, London or Rome. By the mob.

Paranoid, you say? Again, you don't know fucking soccer, then. Over the past two years, the police has found many manipulations of soccer games on both national and international levels. People who have bought off referees. And players. But mostly referees. Nothing is cheaper and more efficient in soccer than a bought referee.

And I wonder. What does a referee from Malaysia cost these days?

How much for a Spanish referee? (a well-known fact in Europe is that the further south you go, the more... shady dealings become. And if you don't believe me, look up "Italy" , "scandal" and "AC Milano" on Google)

Most of these people would not be allowed to ref amateur games in Germany (and yes, I know we had our betting scandals and manipulations here as well), but here they are, either to retarded to ref an international game or perhaps they are bought off.

And yes, I know that the world cup has to include referees from everywhere.

You know something? I don't give a fuck.

I want the best referees. And if they all come from England and France and the Netherlands, if they are the ones who ref the hardest and best league in the world, the Champions League, then fuck the guys from Malaysia! And the guys from Brazil! And Argentina!

Want to know why? Because even the Brazilians and Argentinians and Chileans play for the most part here. In Europe. Their own leagues suck. Yes. I said it. It needed to be said. Somebody had to say it. Their own leagues suck.

The best players play in Europe.

The best referees are in Europe.

The best people should ref at the world cup.

It is common sense.