June 9, 2010


Had my latest round of phone sex, uh, conference calls with the producers regarding The Cage. I'm still impressed by the fact that so far they are very professional (when is that other shoe droppng?), and I am even more impressed by the fact that they are on board with that one actress I want. So, fingers crossed.

Still need to make a few changes. Some of the stage direction I gave was too long. Two minor character changes. Nothing that is big. Smaller formatting stuff. Thought it was somewhat hilarious that both producers overread a major plot point, but ultimately that is my fault. I thought I had made it clear. But I hadn't. So... more work for me, but nothing that is as back-breaking as the first revision/re-write.

And if it does get made, not only will I have managed to give one of my favourite actresses a role that she would kill in (and I would kill for), I will have also created something that even now – before the latest rewrite – I am more proud of than anything else in my life.

I hope it will not merely be a good show that people tune into every week, I also think that it will be my one, maybe my biggest statement on what a hero is or should be.