July 17, 2010


Have you ever met any upper-class people? [...] What they do tend to exhibit is a particular kind of psychology which is difficult to define but which, around here, we call “impersonal”. This term can be misunderstood, since it is certainly not meant to imply saintliness or even lack of self-interest. An ability to see the bigger picture, enlightened self-interest, cynicism, not insisting too much on superficial rationality of a kind that can easily be proved to others, willingness to back hunches.
The rest of his pathetically unscientific rant goes on and on, sucking the dick of a mythological upper class in a way that would have been worthy of being written in Germany, oh, circa 1934 and only lacking the racial component, although he does give Barry Obama "rabble-rousing rants", and boy, oh boy, how fucking close do you have to come to Glenn Beck here, Tassano, eh?

Why not come out and call him a nigger socialist? But then again, we should all display some more "bourgeois manners", so you can't come out and call it like you really want to, right? Like the BP boss did. "The little people", the ones who "don't see the bigger picture"

What bigger picture is this? Simply the refusal of any moral value fought for, bled for, died for during the French Revolution, during the Age of Enlightment, during the Great Wars of the 20th century by... that is fucking right, Tassano, by...

... the "little people"!

You know, the ones who were told by somebody else, somebody in power, that other people were even smaller than they are. Who were told, when they had the audacity to ask what they were fighting for, to not worry, that somebody in power knows the "bigger picture".

It is utterly clear what Tassano tries to cover up by hitting the academic pretentious button in Microsoft Word (if you are wondering where that is, it is on the upper right end of your toolbar and gets used only by pretentious pricks in academia and those who study there, when simple ideas get dressed up by impossibly long words in ridiculously long and dreadfully complex sentence structures. You know, like that one right there).

He worships sociopathology.

Like most "economists" do, and people like him are reason alone to ban economists from being called scientists. They are not. They never have been. They never will be. They are at best statisticians, at worst vodoo priests of the worst kind, preaching a worldview that cannot be verified, that bends reality to fit their pre-thought and preposterous ideologies and reduce complex sociological, psychological and yes, biological systems to a pars-pro-toto linearity, always finding just enough "evidence" to publish another, corrupt system worshipping "book".

He is not alone in this. in fact, he comes from a rather long line of semi-intellectuals who dismiss the welfare state for others (as he so aptly does in that blog post)... and who are then so fucking retarded, let me repeat that, so incredibly fucking retarded that...

... at the end of the blog post he complains that "intellectuals" like him don't get enough money! Or as I writes Dissident culture costs no less than establishment culture. The annual research budget of Oxford University works out at about £170,000 per researcher.

Poor honey! Donate to him, will you?

Donate to a guy who considers you the dumb masses!

Give him money, so that he can continue to worship the elusive "upper class"

Hey, Tassano. I got a "bigger picture" for you! The "upper classes" do not need your research, because in their "bigger picture", they already hold all the power and have already Any Rand to back it up! Now, weasel your way back into your ivory tower for some more masturbatory insights on how the world should work.