July 22, 2010


For those who are not in Germany, the name Dominik Brunner may not mean anything. For those in Germany, that name should mean something, no, should mean everything, because what has happened to the 50-year old father is a symbol of what is wrong with today.

Dominik Brunner is dead.

Dominik Brunner was killed by two rap-fucking-ass-artistry male teens at an S-Bahn station in Munich as he tried to protect other kids who were threatened and about to be robbed by these two pathetic excuses for the human race.

Dominik Brunner was alone in this.

Nobody helped. Everybody watched. Everybody watched as he was brutally beaten to death by those who are now in court, where these two ... shrivelled up pricks and their defense are trying to kill Dominik Brunner a second time.

By turning the man who stood up, who stood alone, who rose up to the occasion into the man who had started it all. There are witnesses now.

Witnesses who were cowards. Witnesses who stood by as the two rape-tards of humanity that call themselves men were preying on the weak. Who didn't listen to the shouts of help coming from those teenagers as they were the victims. Who turned away when the same teens rushed to them, asked them to help Dominik Brunner.

As he stood alone.

As he showed courage.

Witnesses whose testimony now is used to try and kill a man's reputation. Witnesses who could have done something, anything as they watched two people beat a third to his death. Who didn't listen to cries of help.

Witnesses who have the arrogance to take the stand now. Who are not believeable. Who will tell anything to protect their own reputations. Witnesses who are now doing something even worse than they did before, when they idly stood by.

We live in a world of no responsibilities.

We live in a world where defense attorneys tell us a story. Of poverty and poor socialisation. of male teens growing up without morals. Without anything. We live in a world where defense attorneys are telling us that "this was not their fault, they grew up this way, these two young males." And why the hell not? We live in a world where our "elites" get away with this kind of behaviour all the time, only they don't steal with an open threat of force, for the most part (unless you count all these delightful wars and civilian casualties, no, wait... collateral damage).

We live in a world that tells our children that you don't need to know anything, that you won't be rewarded for knowing more, being more, working more. Where all that waits for you is job insecurity, underemployment or unemployment.

We live in a world where you take what you can get and still sleep well at night, thinking that "the other one would have done the same, so fuck him".

We live in a world that sharply divides betwen those who have and those who want, and the default line are shows like "American Idol" that shit out dreams and delusions that come with an expiration date.

We live in a world that worships gangsters and banksters.

We live in a world where people look away.

We live in a world where those who looked away will take the stand and protect their own asses. We live in a world where the police will not come and help you.

We live in a world where the system will not help you.

Not if you are weak. Not if you are alone. Not if you have a code of honour.

Not if you do the right thing.

Not if you stand up for those who need your help.

Dominik Brunner did not live in that world.

But he died in it.