July 7, 2010


Yep. The Spanish are unpacking the bag of tricks for the first time. And the Li'l Rascals show – for the second time this tournament – their inexperience. In other words, they are shitting themselves.

This does not look good.

This does not look good at all.

[UPDATE] Or dear god, we are getting hammered out there. I have the same feeling throughout all of this Argentina must have felt when they played us. There seem to be so many more red shirts on the field than white shirts. This is looking bad. Looking very bad. Oh dear... let's hope we'll make it to half-time.

[UPDATE] And it's the second half, and they are still shitting themselves. There's no movement in the German team. And going into the Spanish half seems to be virtually impossible. I believe now that we are only minutes away from the Spanish scoring. And if we lose tonight, we will have lost deservedly. There is no movement. None at all. And if Manuel Neuer hadn't caught a few impossibles, then....

BREAKING NEWS.... Kroos! The first damn time that we actually shot the damn thing! Great catch by Cassias! But still, finally... MOVEMENT (if only for one minute)

[UPDATE] ... and we are out. 1:0. I told you. Congratulations, Spain. You deserved to win this one (I know, there are still a few minutes to play, but unless there's a miracle, this won't get anywhere)...

... it was nice while it lasted. Thank you all, around the world, who crossed your fingers for us. We'll see you again in two years.

Thank you, Li'l Rascals, for some wonderful games. Don't be sad. We are not. You gave us good times.