July 24, 2010


For all his tough talk about excessive pay for bankers, the Obama administration's pay czar let the executives go without a fight.

Kenneth Feinberg announced Friday that he would not try to recoup $1.6 billion in compensation given to top executives at bailed-out banks because he thought shaming them was punishment enough.

His decision to go easy on 17 banks that made "ill-advised" payments to their executives is likely to fuel concerns about how he will oversee the $20 billion oil spill compensation fund created by BP.

"I'm not suggesting we should blink or turn the other cheek," Feinberg said later in an interview with The Associated Press. "These 17 companies were singled out for obviously bad behavior. The question is: At what point are you piling on and going beyond what is warranted?" 
Yes, that is the kind of regulation and oversight that Barry the Black Puppet and his colleages around the world sell to us as "holding people accountable". Your bank got bailed out? Your executive pay should have been subject to oversight? Fuck it! Just take what you want, and "Heckuvajob Kenneth" here will "publicly shame you".

Awwwww. I'm sorry. What? The? Fuck?

You know, for that kind of money, you can run masturbating wildly down 5th Avenue, splatter cum stains on the windows of Macy's and still not feel ashamed!

But that's okay. All is well with the banks. The European Oversight told us that last night. Uh. Yeah. Well, what they the fuck didn't tell you is that all these banks are loaded up with tax payer money. That's right. Your money. It's in there, it stabilises them for their next big round of games, where they are targeting...

... the states. Yes. You. You are paying for your society's own destruction

But again, that's okay! Because we know who is really to blame. The unemployed. And that's where we need to start. Force the fuckers on social welfare into the tiniest available rooms and apartments, even though apartments below 25 square metres have barely been built, but wait! They never said apartments. Can't we just put them into storage containers? Communal rest rooms? Hell, think about all the money the states can save!

Money that is desperately needed to fund the mutual masturbation sessions between our politicians and those who have put generous amounts of astro glide into their asses, mmh mmmh mmhh, that's good fucking, baby!

And it's not like there is precedence for it all. Not that anybody would notice, since most people today are too fucking lazy or too fucking retarded to have ever read a single Dickens novel. Houses for the working poor. Make them stay there! Have them work for an undefined "good for society", which means they will take the places of highly skilled nurses and health care specialists for the infirm and sick. After all, fuck yes, it's a growth industry, and one that is heavily invested in by...

... the banks who you all bailed out. And continue to bail out through higher taxes and lower living standards. It's the circle of life, boys and kirls.

Actually, no, it's the circle fuck of your life.

Get in line.

Bend over.