July 22, 2010


A White House official told me just now that the White House backs Vilsack's decision -- but that it was Vilsack's alone. The official said the White House -- contrary to the Sherrod's charge -- did not pressure the Department to fire her.
The woman who showed in a speech how racism can lead you to make bad decisions, how helping people is about the poor has been reputation raped by everybody, let me fucking repeat that, everybody in the mainstream media as they lapped up the mind vomit, the false accusations and the deilberately edited video by a conservative cocksucker named Andrew Breitbart.

But this woman didn't go away quietly into the night.

And why the fuck should she have?

She stood up. She talked. She told the truth.

There's a lesson here, boys and girls.

Don't trust to be protected by your superiors. They will run for the fucking hills, covering up their own asses. They are not on this battlefield. They are the assholes, 50 miles behind the frontlines and shoving little toy soldiers around on maps, because – oh yes, what did I say about that asshole a few posts back? – they see the "bigger picture"!

Because they are "impersonal"

While they have no problem seeing good people like Sherryl Sherrod bleed to death on the battlefields of manipulated realities.

And yes, Barry Obama is one of these people.

"The White House backs [...] the decision", right? Barry in the Bubble has yet to meet a white, corporatist cock he didn't suck with the ferocity of a crack whore on the corner of Wilshire Blvd craving the next fix. And yes, I believe Sherrod when she says that the White House put pressure on her to be fired. That woman has yet to tell a lie, while Barry and his crew is full of them. Lies. On everything. On health care. On the financial reform. On the war in Afghanistan. Rahm Emanuel would not know the truth, if it came up to him, said, "hi, I am the truth" and proceeded to bite that manipulative, little dirtbag in the ass.

Sherryl Sherrod? Betrayed.

Elisabeth Warren? Denied.

Unless you are part of Barry's inner circle, Barry has no interest in going for the bat for you. He has no interest to fight for truth. He has only the same interests as every President for the past 40 or so odd years. To get as many fucking things for himself and his friends as possible. Look at Kagan. Look at Emanuel. Look at BP (which needs to be rescued, oh, I wasn't aware that the "free markets" will only work for poor people, while the big playas get the creativity of corporate communism each and every fucking time, and who gives a fuck about actually holding them up to their responsibilities, there are no responsibilities...)

We shouldn't be surprised, we, the new scum.

The old boss merely got a spray tan and had a few speech writing classes.

But it's still the same, old boss.

Raping you. Open wide, bitches. And don't you fucking complain.

We have videos of you, too.