July 6, 2010


I belatedly came to realise that the comics industry does not want progress. In fact it isn’t capable of it, Alan Moore, 2010
One of the reasons why Alan Moore is one of the very few people I do respect is the fact that – while he has done his fair share of Mary Sues – he has also created some of the very few literary masterpieces comic books has ever done. And no, I'm not talking about Watchmen, which was and still is one of the most perfect examples of craftsmanship ever on display, but yet nothing more than the Mary Sue taken to its most extreme and logical end point.

Nor am I talking about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I still consider as Moore's best satirical take on the Mary Sue (you want fan fiction? I'll give you fan fiction! I will use and rob everything MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

No. I do think that Moore's and Eddie Campbell's From Hell is one of the very few pieces of literature that the medium has ever produced. It is flawless. Disgusting. Beautiful. Poetic. And filthy.

And so I will miss Moore as a comics writer.

But in the end, he will do other things. Better things. Pushing himself further.

And that is what makes him a creator.

There are other quotes from this interview conducted by Comic Book Heroes, which tell it like it is and tell it like nobody wants to hear. Companies that are run by scumbags, Mary Sue writers who are willing to clean the dick cheese of those scumbags... and "fans" who defend these scumbags.

And while I'm not Alan Moore (for one, I have better hair), I will talk a bit about the Mary Sue in one of my forthcoming blog entries. And how it is slowly eroding not only the creative process, but also eroding pretty much all so-called creative industries as well.