July 7, 2010


As delightfully reported in extreme hyperbole (gotta love'em) by the BILD, the hottest day of the year in New York had every air conditioning unit in the city running like an energiser bunny, with the predictable outcome of "ooops, we don't have enough electricity".

Cue to Joe Cocker. Summer in the city. Bruce Willis in a wifebeater shirt.

Yippie-kay-yaaah, motherfucker!

I recently read that for a lot of people A/C costs are the second biggest item for some in the United States, after the mortgage. Now, we only have A/Cs in stores and malls over here (some office buildings, too, the new ones). And I always hated all of them. The constant heat/cold has made my sinuses go into overdrive since I first experienced that kind of man-made bullshit while I was at the University of Missouri in Columbia. And where the first gift to the international students coming there was...

... a packet that consisted of a shitload of Nyquil and Dayquil. In the middle of summer. In August. With the heat outside pretty much being at 35 to 37 degrees all the time. Now, this European here went, uh, okay, this makes absolutely no sense, why would they give us a "first aid" kit consisting of flu and cold medicine?

Four days later, all of us Internationals were experiencing the first A/C'ed induced "summer flu", and that continued on and off for weeks. It nearly shot my sinuses, living in that part of the country. It's why I you could not pay me enough to go back there (I was back there, one more time, in September 2001. As to why, that one is a whole different kind of horrible experience, but one that doesn't deserve to be talked about. Suffice to say, though, the weather there had not changed at all. And two days in, I had the same clogged sinuses again.)